2020 Memories!

Happy New year 2021! It’s time to recollected the Memories of 2020!

The new year is a day where we have this refreshing feeling to start Fresh our Life. It is a day where we take ourselves lot many resolutions. It is one day where we plan for things to do or achieve in the upcoming year. But above all, I feel it is one day where we spend some time to reflect on the happenings of the past year 2020. It is one day where we recollect our memories, our happy moments, and the things which we learn from our Life in the year 2020!
So this blog is all about my Reflection on the past year 2020!
Let get started!

Jan 2020- Magical Moment !!

I started 2020 with a bag full of Happy & Cherished Moments! Yes. It’s my Marriage. And the most beautiful part is we waited for almost 6 months for this Magical Moment. 
31.1.2020 is our Marriage date and right from day 1 of Jan, my mind is concentrating only on that magical moment.

Mouni, (My Wife), birthday is on 18th Jan, I badly need to meet her for the birthday as this would be her first birthday for her after engagement and I need to make it more special. The gift & other surprises have been already planned but I kept it as a surprise till the end. But beyond these gifts, the best moment for her would meeting her in person. So I asked my parents and initially, it was not a straight yes and happily not a No also. Then I didn’t force them and I told Mouni that we can speak over the phone on her Birthday. But to my surprise, my parents and her parents arrange for a meeting in a temple before her Birthday. Though it was not the exact date of her Birthday, meeting her was a surprise for both of us and that day remains always a memory to us!! And to my surprise, the gift which I planned was received by her on the same day soon after I left after seeing her.  What a coincidence it was and a great memorable day for both of us!! 

Meeting my Wife Mouni on her Birthday before Marraige!

I celebrated Pongal with my sister & kids after a long time. It was again a great moment for me. 
And finally, towards the end of the month, there comes a magical moment. Every moment I enjoyed. You feel like a king when you are a bridegroom and that is what exactly happened in my marriage. My close friends were there with me on all days of my marriage function which made me feel more special. Everything happened in fast forward motion. But I could see my wife’s action in slow motion. Yes, it will be true and most of us might have experienced it. Many relatives, friends, and everyone will be walking here and there but my focus will be on Mouni !! 
Deep inside my heart, this is the one thing which was running in my mind i.e. henceforth I am not alone. Whatever be your decision, henceforth it is never going to be me and it always going to be us. To be frank, I am not at all afraid and there is no fear in my marriage. I enjoyed every moment and I feel I am well prepared for marriage. I feel I am very confident that I am getting married at right time to the right person. Everyone loved us together. I can see the smile on each and everyone’s face and its their blessings which have made our bonding much stronger.

Magical Moment!

The moment when I tie the knot on her neck, holding a hand of her and going around has no words to explain. It remains me every time, even when I am writing this blog that right from the day I hold a hand of her, I am going to be her everything and my prime responsibility is to take care of her than me. It doesn’t matter whether I take care of myself but it is my responsibility to take care of her and that is what I am doing till now!
Yes, those magical moments made 2020 a kick start for Hope & New Beginning!!

Feb 2020- First… First & First!!

Yes! We can’t forget our first memories. It’s so special and will stay in our heart always!
We went for the first outing!! We celebrated our First Valentine’s day! We went on our First Honeymoon!.. We went to our First movie!! So many first.. first & first and each has some unique memories which always be special memories for us.
We have gone for the long drive to Dhakshinachitra for our Valentine’s day. We went to Kodaikanal. We had so many memories at Kodaikanal. We went to our First movie “Oh My Kadvulae”, which was a great surprise for us. “Kadhaipoma” has become an all-time favorite song for both of us. 

Kodaikanal Memories!

I was always bound to go to any place alone. I roam in and around Chennai to many places alone. When you are going alone, when you are bound to see some couples roaming here and there, you get to feel that when will I get to enjoy those moments. But now I don’t have to worry about it. Everywhere I go, I take Mouni with me and we both enjoyed every moment.
We get to understand each other better. We try to adjust & adapt ourselves. We try to understand each other feelings. In short, we had a great time!
My sister was back with her kids to the US and that is the only sad moment for us and rest all days it was absolute bliss!!
Everything was going so well personally. But professionally certain things were not ok. I had trouble with my job. I was even clueless sometimes about what to do next. I can’t take a risk like before because now I need to think in a bigger picture of a Family and not me alone. 
But all these worries on the professional side have been counterbalanced by Mouni!! Happy to have her and play a most supportive role whenever there was some issue. The best supportive role one can do is just listen and that is what she did. Whenever I get confused and not sure what to do, We just go for a walk and I share my thoughts. She listens patiently and soon after our walking is complete I get some clear idea of what to do.
So the biggest life lesson which I learn this month, whenever you are confused about something, just spells it to someone who can just hear you. By sharing the thoughts with a person who can hear you, your thoughts get clarified!

March 2020- Work from Home!

Work from home has started for me even before the start of Lockdown begins. Yes, as per my new professional terms, we were asked to work from home. The professional side was slowly getting to be a bit ok but the hit which comes as Corona had a great effect on our Jobs and Salary. Everyone who is working was in deep trouble and not sure whether they will be there in the Job and not sure whether the Salary which they intended to get will be received. This was happening on one side. But on the other side, I was enjoying the Work from Home sort of work culture.
Who else will not like work from home soon after marriage?
Before marriage, Me & Mouni, both will be in a dilemma that if I go for a job at morning 8:00 am, I will be returning only after 8:00 pm. What she will do alone at home? How she is going to manage it? We both are in this ultimate dilemma and we both had that worry. But now it is fully Work from Home and we both are happy!
Whatever be the stress in work it gets counterbalanced by a few minutes of chitchat with Mouni!! We love this Work from home job and we are not expected that this work from home is going to continue throughout this year!
My Wife’s family was planning for a trip to Chennai and we had some great plans. But everything got canceled in a single go by Corona Lockdown!!
At the start of Lockdown, we were much worried and very very cautious about going outside our Home. We stayed indoors throughout the day & week.

April 2020- Lockdown Continues…

Lockdown continues.. and so staying indoors and working from home continues.
Professionally things started moving well. Got 2 new friends or Mentor (Muthu & Slogan), who can support each other. One common element that binds each other which is passion. All 3 of us are equally passionate about doing new things and getting it right. And so we tried out different aspects of our job and it worked. Moreover, I started enjoying my work and began to less stressed at work.
And personally, what else a Newly married couple need other than work from home. We explored a lot in cooking. I can write a separate blog in name called Lockdown Cooking and we loved it. We made homemade Parotta, Pizza, Pani puri, and so many…It countless list!!

Lockdown Cooking- Home Made Parotta!

Many funny things happened at Kitchen. Sometimes we used to play cricket with potatoes, tomatoes, etc… I ruined an egg completely by seeing a hint from a Youtube video. I created some exclusive dishes like stuffed egg burgi with the egg which is nowhere available in the world. We regularly had small fights for Tea!!

Cooking gone wrong!! Eggie Disaster!

Priceless funny moments and it can never be bought again. It doesn’t mean that we did not have a single fight these days. Yes, we do fight. We do have a misunderstanding and there are crying moments also. But beyond happy moments these moments made our bond much stronger. We tend to adjust and adapt ourself each other. We began to understand each other a lot. I forget the world around me and I began to feel my world is only Mouni!! 
I was very close to my friends earlier and after marriage, I rarely speak to them and they would be very angry with me!! 

May 2020- My Unforgettable Birthday!

I never use to celebrate my Birthday and it normally passes on like a usual day. But I am very sure that this year is not going to be the same as my previous birthday. But I never thought that this Birthday is going to be an unforgettable one!
She just blindfolded me and take me to another room filled with Candles & there was the cake which she made for me!! I was shocked that how did she manage to make a cake at home. I was working from home and there is no chance of going outside and buying a cake, but still, she manages to make a cake without me noticing the cake. I was deep into my work and I thought she was making something different in the kitchen and she made a cake! The cake was nearly a great surprise for me and I never expected it for my birthday. That cake cutting moment was truly, yet another magical moment in my life and it will be unforgettable throughout my life! Still, now, I was wondering how did she make the cake without me noticing it!! The entire day was so good and we enjoyed it!!

Unforgettable Moment in my Life!

Lockdown continues and so our cooking atrocities also continue. We cooked a lot. We made pizza two or three times, We made Samosa and so on. I had a great Briyani countless times this year. Mouni is so good at making Briyani and especially when she cooks any Non-Veg, I just carried away. I just asked myself what else is needed!!! There are some dishes which I can say as an Iconic dishes of Mouni & Briyani is top notch on it! I never like a country chicken before but she flattered me with her dish. Now, most of the time we started eating country chicken rather than the normal broiler chicken. The dish which I feel that can be made only in Restaurant has been made in Home itself. Kadai Paneer, we had countless times.  It is not only Mouni who gave me surprises in cooking. Even I try to surprise her with some of the dishes. Once I wake up early and made Pav bhaji as a surprise for her and she loved it. I made Ghee Pongal for her in surprise. And sometimes I made puri & chow-chow also. Lockdown has done a great thing in our life that we explored different aspects of cooking and it was fun always!! 
But there is always one underlined sadness that was there between both of us was that we can’t go anywhere outside. And we were not able to visit our families and friends. Soon after marriage, we came back to Chennai, and hardly we went to our natives only once. After that, we have never gone our Natives. We tried once and we got an e-pass, but still, that plan didn’t work out. It is hard especially for her not to see her family after marriage. Even though I take good care of her and she feels that she didn’t miss them, but deep inside the heart that feeling would be there. We were not able to go to some temple festivals, even the festival got canceled due to a pandemic. That was the only missed moments in this pandemic. 

Jun -2020  Normal Pandemic Life

Now everything becomes a routine. Work from home has become Routine. 
Professional life has become stressful. The workload is huge for me to manage. We regularly monitored our savings. We tried to cut short our money wherever possible. We didn’t skip any enjoyment for the sake of savings. We spent where it is needed and avoided where it is not needed.

Rohita Birthday!

My sister’s daughter’s Birthday & my wife’s sister’s son’s Birthday was in this Month. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit in person for both the Birthday and we just celebrate via video call. My wife’s sister stays just 40kms away from my home and still, we couldn’t make it for the Birthday function because of Pandemic was a sad part.

Jul-2020  Get together & Start of a New Youtube Channel!

July is always special for both of us. 8th July 2019 was the day I met my wife first. That was the day where we both become made for each other. Every year that day becomes more special. We both were sitting together and scrolling back our memories of what was happening on the same day last year. We were remembering the words which I spoke to her at first, what message I send her first, seeing back the photograph, the first dinner which we had together, a day where our both families become one and so many are just running in our thoughts and we were just recollecting those beautiful moments.
July becomes much more special because we had a small get together. After a long time, my wife’s sister and brother in law visited our house along with their kids. We had a fun time together. Playing with the kids, playing UNO cards together, Enjoying the little fights & cries which these kids did was an absolute delight for us and that day went swiftly. They came just for a day and that day was a memorable day for both of us. 
I was so very happy this Month just because I was just able to take my first step in my Long time dream. Starting a Youtube channel was a dream for me. I had so many plans. But I was struggling and no idea what was stopping me to start the channel. I learned about design mostly online and there is a YouTube channel which I regularly watched day in and day out. I always had a plan to teach something via YouTube, build a community for Beginners to grow and learn design. So with that objective, I was longing to start the channel. But something was stopping me.
But I ended up starting this channel name #DesignwithKarthik and posted my first video on 18.7.2020. Even now I feel like a dream that how I started this channel and till now I regularly try to cope up with new videos.
I am happy that I posted nearly 50 videos on my channel and when an unknown person from anywhere in this world watching your video posting a comment like Nice or Worth it !! Was a great moment which can’t be explained in words. 

#DesignwithKarthik Youtube Channel Kickstarted on 18.7.2020

I still can’t believe that my friends were indirectly a reason for starting this channel. Before kick-starting this channel, we talked and they were asking me to teach something about design. I also taught them, I was able to take the content and present it in a way how I like too. They were able to understand it and then the same topic I tried to teach for some of my company interns and they too liked it and that is what has given me the confidence to start the channel. Whatever I do differently I am not sure directly or indirectly my friends are always connected to it. They are always there to motivate me to do different things. 
Starting the channel, the first kick start has come from my close friends. But there is one person who is making me stay on track for posting videos regularly is Mouni! Soon after I made my Cover picture & Channel art for Youtube, she was the first person to Motivate me. She watched every video even though she couldn’t understand anything from it. She used to give critic also. My Mom watched the video and she has commented on one of the videos was a lifetime moment for me. My aunt watched the video. My cousin approached me for some design work after looking at one of the videos and so many such things happened after starting the channel. I also make sure not to mix my Job with YouTube. I allocate separate time for both. Though I need to skip some of my personal time and allocate time exclusively for YouTube and Mouni was very supportive. There were days that I completed my office work, had dinner, and started work for YouTube and she supported me and understand me. I too tried to balance all and tried to give equal time for all. 
I was so happy to start this channel and I am not sure one day when my channel was able to help millions of designers out there, I would remember this date i.e. 18.7.2020! This was so very special to me!!

Aug 2020 Missed Birthday Moments

August month was a bit sad month for us especially for me. My sister’s son’s 1st Birthday was on 2 August. If not pandemic has struck us my sister would be in India and she would be with us and we would celebrate the birthday together. I feel really sad when we are not able to attend the very first Birthday! But we connect via video call and we had this long video call session where we could witness all the happening lively. We enjoy watching it. But still, the presence is missed!! 

Guhan Birthday!

Every year August month was more special to me. One of my close friends Dhachi Birthday was on Aug 15. For the past 5 years, we use to have a small get together. It is one day every year where we never miss to meet each other. But this year again the pandemic has strikes us and ended up with a missed Birthday. Earlier before the pandemic itself, I had a plan in my mind to plan for a trip to Hyderabad along with Mouni for his Birthday. But things didn’t go as per plan. We called him @ midnight and convey our wishes and also the next day we three friends had a video call. We are happy to connect with a video call. But still, the presence is missed!! After marriage, I have not met my close friends. It has been nearly a year! Only once Teevi (Vignesh-My friend), visited my home before Lockdown and we had Lunch together. But Dhachi I didn’t meet him after my Marriage. Not meeting him for his birthday is like one of the precious moments in the year that has been missed. Hope so this doesn’t repeat in upcoming years.
Mouni has started making Macrame ( A kind of Art) and she tried to make a Ganesha, A Swing, A purse & Butterflies. The swing was my all-time favorite and I am really happy that she made it. The amount of dedication which she has when she was making Macrame is something that I need to learn from her. It is not an easy task but she loves making this stuff and Swing she nailed it!

Swing made of Macrame Wires. Mouni Nailed it!!

I was always very reluctant not to hit any nails in walls. So I was asking her to make macrame as small as possible. We had a great argument for this matter also. But I was very wrong. Even I was not okay to hang a photo frame or wall clock by hitting nails on a wall. We tried alternate for Nails and I broke a wall clock also. I get a great bash for this from Mouni later on and that is completely a different story. One thing was clear to me that I was wrong. I should have not said it and I am regretting it. And now I was ok and I have hit nails on walls and hanged photo frames & wall clock also.
Whenever any guest comes to our home, they used to see these macrame works and they use to appreciate her and that makes me feel very happy. I even ask her to make a big size swing where I can sit and swing on it and I am not sure when she is going to make it for me. I am very happy for her and her skills!! Hoping for more and more macrame or any other works on her interest in upcoming days!

Sep 2020- Remarkable Incident & Family Time!

One remarkable incident happened on 5.9.2020. Yes, it was a Teachers day.
I started Designwithkarthik to help beginners understand and learn Design. My main objective is to Teach design from the stuff I learned and to my surprise, I got a message from some unknown person from my Subscriber/follower wishing me a Teachers Day!! Also, my Friend wishes me a Teacher day. I was not expecting such a response from anyone. I just kept sharing videos and sometimes I was confused to know whether my videos are really helpful. Though the video views are less, I always had one thing in mind to do it as the way I do it from my heart, and the person who likes it will follow it. So I kept on posting videos. Then and there I got some messages and some critiques. I hear & reply to them every time. But a person wishing me teachers day is truly not expected and I was so very happy for it! It just made my day!! I showed this stuff to Mouni and enjoyed it with her too!

Remarkable Incident in my Life happened on 5.9.2020!!

Lockdown was slowly getting relaxed and we were occasionally going outside. And this is the month where we prepared ourselves to visit our Native and spend Quality time with Family!
Yes. It’s Family Time.
After a long long time, we were able to spend time with family. The next day of visiting my inlaws home, we had a function at a temple and they served a great feast.  And the surprise factor is the feast continues every day. Every day was like a Treat!! We just felt like Newly married couple! I would have gained 2-3 kgs weight in just 10 days of stay at my inlaws Home!! 
Beyond Food, Time is the most precious thing and Family time is much more precious. We recognize the importance of that only during this visit. It has been nearly 7 months since we are meeting after our Marriage and every day was absolute bliss for us to Live. Mouni’s sister along with her Kids was also staying with us and every day was a real fun ride for us. 

Fun Time at Farm!

I was doing work from home from my inlaws house itself and things were going well. There was a difficult situation for my company. A person has left my organization without any intimation and did somethings wrong with the clients too. Solving this issue was stressful. But again this stress was counterbalanced by the time spent with Mouni and her family. Though we are in a difficult situation in the job, I was in full energy and we are doing all work to bring back the company to a proper shape and of course, we did it!!
We went to the temple, farm, roam around everywhere possible! It was much-needed Family time for us and Mouni was very happy than me that he was able to see her Mom & Dad after so long time. And even happiness of my In-laws was also seen in their eyes!!

Oct 2020- Family Time Continues!!

Family time continues and so our enjoyment continues! At the start of this month, we went to Tuty (My native). My Mom & dad was so happy that we are visiting native after 7 months. The same amount of happiness I could see in my parent’s eyes also.
The bond between Mouni and my mom was so impressive for me. My mom and Mouni had a great time together. They talks so many stories and some stories which have happened in our family in past and I came to know the stories only from Mouni. I was so very happy to see their Bonding!!
We went outside whenever possible. And we went to family shopping. We were very reluctant to go outside due to the pandemic. But when we went shopping it was like a bunch of temple crowd. That shopping experience was really funny & we had a great time together.
The places which I roam in Tuty right from my childhood, I was so happy to take Mouni. We went to the beach, salt pan, temple, restaurant and so many. In short, every place which is possible to visit Tuty, we have visited it.  

Beach Memories!

It is also happy to see Mouni drive scooty. I was in fear sitting at the back when she drives, but she drives it confidently. It was a fun mixed moment when she drives a bike!!
Also, I have taken Mouni to the famous parotta stall at Tuty and she loved it! So many great memories to remember this month!!
Work from home is also going in good form. There is less stress at work than before as things are becoming normal.
This pandemic has made us realize the importance of Family & Quality time which we spend with each other!! 
One thing which went wrong during this  Family time is that, I missed posting videos on Youtube. I was on a streak of posting a video on alternate days and now I am posting 4 videos/month. Views, Subs everything has got affected and I am regretting now that I should have allocated a special time for that also. I made the mistake but I didn’t end it. The consistency and frequency of videos have been reduced. But the quality, I maintained it. I am on verge of recovering the backlogs.

Nov 2020- Thala Diwali & Family Trip!!

Diwali is always special and Thala Diwali is more special for any of us. Luckily we came to our native. So we are there for Thala Diwali! This was the first Diwali which I am celebrating with Mouni & without my parents. Right from my childhood, I am habituated to celebrate Diwali with parents, grandparents and the entire family would be there. But this time it’s Thala Diwali! It different and it is great!!
We had this wonderful treat and a wonderful time. Different types of food have prepared and we want to eat more but we couldn’t. That is the exact situation on that day. We had a great time bursting crackers and having sweets. Evening time was so great than morning that as a whole family we went to Mill and burst the crackers. I am not a great fan of bursting crackers. But bursting it with the family was a great experience and great memories. Mouni sister’s kids were not there and that is the only missing moment in this entire day. Rest all were so good and just like that the day passed on so quickly. 

Thala Diwali @Nov 2020!

After Diwali, I had some Holidays and we have planned for a Trip to Kutralam, Tenkasi, Papanasam for 3 solid days. This trip was a mixture of a Family trip and a kind of the second Honeymoon.  We all enjoyed it to the core.
The climate was so pleasant and it gives the feel like this climate was made especially for us. It was drizzling all day. What else is needed that a Trip with the closed one and a Drizzle!! All 3 days were very well spent. We went to Temple, Dam, Sightseeing places. We went for an adventure trip also on that climate was great!! 
The one place which we could never forget in our Lifetime is the Guntar falls. The trip was so adventurous that we traveled in a jeap where there is no road.  Previous Nights there was flood in that area and the road was just washed away. We went halfway and we couldn’t go to the main falls. But the driver has taken us to one private fall. We were only there in that falls and we loved it!! Even in Kutralam falls both of us couldn’t enjoy together. There would be a separate line for males & females. But here we were only there and we both had a great time together. The water was so fresh and it gives a great refreshing feel. We all had a great time!! It has become an everlasting memory for us!!
It was our first family trip and it can never be forgotten in our Lifetime!!

Best Family Trip Ever!

Then we came back to Chennai to our Home. It was nearly 2 months we spend a solid time with Family. We were not sure whether again we would get a similar time that we could spend with our family. Pandemic has helped us to reiterate the importance of Family time and why it is so precious than others.
When we came back to Chennai, we spend 3-4 days just cleaning our home. It was locked for 2 months and coming back, cleaning all kinds of stuff was a great challenge for us. My parents were there and each of us we’re doing some work and getting the home cleaned.

Dec 2020- Back to the track

We came back after spending quality time with family by Mid November and the second half of November 2020 just passed on like a jet. 
In December we are back to our routine work. I was still working from home and Mouni was taking good care of me. She was there when I needed her and I am there when she needed me. we kept sharing our memories for the past two-three months. One thing which we missed in family time is our Chennai Home. It’s here we were bond together more and it’s here where we watch late night movies, our favorite shows, and so on. Now everything back on track.
Work was going well. But whenever I think of my savings it always gives me worry. Everyone is there in a supportive role. But on a wider perspective, the savings have to more and it is my job to work more and more on savings in upcoming months.
Also, I started revamping my Design with Karthik Youtube channel and kept and target of completing 50 videos before the 31st night, and eventually, I made it. I missed the frequency of posting regularly for the past 3 months. But now I am happy that I am back on track. 50 videos have given me a lot more confidence than before. And I have made my target for what I going to achieve in the upcoming years. So happy that I Kickstarted it didn’t end in vain. It is going great and I am sure that DesignwithKarthik will go heights in upcoming years!
We went to Mouni’s sister’s home and enjoy ourselves with the kids. They came to our home. Mouni family visited Chennai. Mouni Mom was visiting our Home after 9 months. Soon after marriage, they visited our home. And it is only now, they are visiting back. We again spend a quality family time together. We had loads of memories in December. I have taken Mouni to a Mall in Chennai. We visited the Marine Kingdom. We visited another mall along with Family. Each weekend we were visiting certain places. We were enjoying every moment. 

Fun Click at Mall!

Finally, I was aware that Mouni Birthday was on Jan 18 and I need to do something really special for her Birthday. I started my work a month before and every day I was spending some time on the special gift. Mouni knows that I am making a gift. But she was not aware of what the gift is. My Heart and soul was there in that gift. Whenever I was making the gift I could collect so many memories. At times it was really fun when she questioned me about the gift. She prompts me to reveal what the gift is and at times without my realization I did reveal some aspects of the gifts. Keeping it secret from myself is a real challenge for me. Making this gift was again a great memory for me and I can’t wait for her birthday to handover the gift to see her reaction. I am just waiting for that day!!
End of the Year!!!

What a Great year it was!! 
Certain things don’t go well financially and professionally. There was a lot of stress at work. There was a worry about what next? But all these worries, stress has never diluted my confidence. There is not a single day this year where I end up sitting Idle and working about the future. There is not a single day this year where I felt really low.
Yes, all this is because of Mouni!! I wish the upcoming year should be as good as this year 2020!
2020-Maybe a year of worries, the disappointment for many of us. But for me 2020, is the year where I got so much confidence and feel very positive that whatever be the difficult situation it is going to be, I am going to handle it with more positivity. And I am not alone and I always have someone who cares for me more than I care for myself !!
Thanks, 2020 for memories & Welcome 2021 with more positivity & Confidence!!
Happy New Year 2021!
Stay Happy. Stay Confident. Stay Positive.