4 interesting life lessons from 2.0

What should I say is amazing in this movie?

Is it Shankar technical brilliance? Rajni style and look? Akshay kumar dedications ? Amy cuteness? Visuals? VFX? Soundmixing? BGM?

Everything is perfect. It is great to see such a movie from kollywood. Apart from entertaining us, this movie never fails to teach a few important life lessons.  This blog is about the life lessons from 2.0.

In case if anyone has not yet watched the movie, then I ask to skip reading further. (Spoiler Alert). Also, this is not a movie review. Indeed these are just my observation which I have taken away from this movie and I feel it will definitely help all person who is reading it.

Let’s begin.

Lessons No 1: Every creature in this planet is important

“ In case your hungry will you cut and eat your own hands? “

“ If a technology couldn’t safeguard a 250 gms birds, then what is the use of this technology?”

This is dialogues expressed by Pakshi raja (Akshay Kumar) when he was arguing with the minister for reducing radiation from mobile towers.

There is so much meaning associated with this dialogues. This movie focus on the extinction of Birds due to radiation. Just pause for a moment and think on the bigger picture.

How many species in this universe has become extinct? Aren’t we indirectly responsible for the extinction of these species?

A national geographic report says, on applying the statistical approach to extinction data revealed a rate of 100 to 1,000 species lost per million per year, mostly due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change.

It’s true that we can’t stop extinction. Sometimes things happen beyond our control. But as a common person, we can change yourself. We can think of what we can do to protect this environment.

How do we do it ? And where do we start ?

Answer lies in the movie itself. Towards the end of the movie Dr. Vasikaran (Rajnikanth) says,

“ Try at least to keep water for birds during summer. That will make you and the environment happy ”

Look into your point of view. Think what you can do for this environment and without any second thought go ahead and do it. If you can feed a dog/cat, go on do it. If you can grow on a tree in your society, go on and do it. No animals or species harm you until or unless you harm them. So even if an ant bites you, don’t rush forward to kill it.

Every creature has its own place in this universe. You may destroy them now. But you will face the consequences later on.

So, at the most what you can do for this universe go ahead and do it. Every creature in this planet is important.

Lesson No 2: Working against and without technology doesn’t solve the problem. Working with technology will do.

Its time for us to think how we use the technology today.

If you are the one who is telling that from today onwards I am going to skip all the technology around me and going to live a unique life, then firstly it is difficult to follow and secondly the world will name you as fools. Indeed it’s true.

We have surpassed the scientific evolution and now we are in the era of technological revolution stage. Apart from the comfort which this technology gives, it also helps us to uplifting our life. We all are surrounded by machines. But it is our duty to use it wisely and with the limit.

There is one more dialogue by character artist who was urged to buy a mobile

“ Without cellphones, these 2 days seems to be pleasant. I have just started to lift my face and see the world. I have started spending time with my children…”

The same character artist after a counter dialogue from other person replies like

Cellphones are like our life partner. When it there it creates problems and when it is not there it is difficult for us to live”

So, what can we do? Whether to use technology or no? Is it ok if we use technology with limits?

The answer is so simple.

The best chess player in the world is not the computer or a human. But a team of humans and computer working together.

Technology forces us to change. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the worse. It’s up to us to take the good part and leave the worst. But we should never skip yourself from changing. Else we will remain outdated and the world will just stamp you down.

So, work with technology and enhance your life. Take the best and leave the worst. And above all know the limits.

Lesson No 3: Think Big and Think Small. Both are required.

There is a common quote that think big and Life is too short to think small. But to keep you running in this world of marketing, you need to do both.

This lesson is not directly portrayed in this movie. But it can be easily derived from interpretation made.At climax, when giant 2.0 was broken down he couldn’t achieve his mission. Then there comes a Kutty 3.0 to safeguard the mission. Ultimately both fight together accomplish the mission

If we want to look into another perspective, then we can say Shankar is a man with a bigger vision. But also he never fails to give attention to little details.

You may be a designer, a filmmaker, an entrepreneur or a business person. Keep in mind always to Think big and Think small to keep you running in this market.

Lesson No 4: Have controlled emotions

Nila is Humanoid created by Dr. Vashi with controlled emotions protocol. In one scene, when Dr. Vashi ask Nila to hack the system. She confirms that it is defined as illegal in her protocol and initially she refused to do it. Then she got clarified with Dr. Vashikaran reply and then she hacks the systems.

Having full positive emotions like Chithi will also put you in trouble or carefree emotions like 2.0 is also riskier. Controlled emotions will enable us to think smartly and will help us to act on time. If you would have notice towards the end of the movie, it’s Nila who save Dr. Vashi from Pakshi.

Emotional management study says, Releasing anger and frustration can actually help you regain control over a hectic day or win back productivity after feeling frazzled. But you have to do it in a mindful way.

So, it is always important to have your emotions at control. Remember that we as the human doesn’t have any blue chip or red chip to control our emotions. Your chip is your brain. Try to have a control over it.

Never outburst when you don’t need to and at the same time never fail to outburst when you need to.

Keep your state of mind balanced.

Finally to conclude…

So to close, I started keeping rice and water for 2 visiting birds in my house. I was keeping it right before the movie also. But once after watching this movie, I feel I should continue and shouldn’t stop doing it.

There can be Pakshiraja in everyone. All we need to bring them outside.


Movies not only entertain us. But also teach us. Start opening your third eye while watching the movie. Enjoy the movie experience while watching the movie. But once movies end, come back home and reflect on some takeaways from the movie. It’s make you feel great.

And these are my first observed lessons from this movie. Every movie has something to learn. And 2.0 is no excuse for it.

Thanks to all soul who have strived day in and out of one man’s (Shankar’s) dream come true. Really happy to see such movie from Kollywood.

And now I can challenge (on a lighter note) …

“Dear Thanos,

Dare you to fight with 2.0 and 3.0. Then we will decide who is the greatest person in this galaxy”

What moral lessons did you take away from this movie? Leave a comment below!