8 fascinating life lessons from Avengers-Infinty War

Movies not only entertain us. But also teach us the most important lessons in our life.

I am here to share with you 8 of my own observation and takeaways from this movie. Lets begin.

Lesson no 1: Teamwork

No better explanation for Teamwork can be given other than this movie. Facts say that there are almost 76 superheroes in this movie. Wow! What a moment it was. I bet there would not be any other movie in future also with so many superheroes.

There are so many scenes in this movie which resembles the importance of Teamwork. The scenes where Iron man, doctor strange, Spiderman along with Star Wars heroes trying to remove the infinity Gauntlet from Thanos showcases Teamwork.

Then the fight scene at Wakanda where rest all heroes were fighting to save the world also resembles Teamwork. Remember that goosebump moment When Thor gave the entry at Wakanda? That one shot is enough to showcase how much it is important to be in a Team and what advantage we get when we fight alone or as a team.

Even Thanos who can single-handedly blow of everything that comes in his way, also had a team.

So, There is no better workforce than the Teamwork. Work as a Team to save yourself and save others.

Lesson no 2: Who are Heroes?

Heroes are the not the one who wins. Instead, Heros is the one who fights till the end.

This is what differentiates a normal person from a superhero. Even till the last moment where Thanos snap his fingers, each and everyone kept fighting till the end.

So, Winning or Losing secondary. Are you fighting till the last moment is primary. Keep fighting until the end and that is what will make you a hero.

Lesson No 3: What makes Leaders great?

What is the fact that differentiates all superhero and Thanos? And why do we don’t accept Thanos as a Leaders and other all superhero character as a leader?

The fact is except Thanos other all superheroes are Selfless. They care not only for them but also for people on this planet. They care for each and every soul.

Whereas Thanos care only for himself and his vision. Eventhough his vision was to make this universe a better place. But still the way he choose to achieve it is not right. He is selfish. He kept doing all possible things to achieve his vision and of course he achieved it.

Even if other superheroes have failed to save the world from Thanos, they fight till the end to save all souls in this universe. They will be surely remember in the mind of all people, because of they are selfless.

So, In order to become a great leader try not to be selfish. Care for people around you at first. That is what will make you a great person. If you want to be remember in the mind of millions of people even after your death, then think what have you done for them?

Lesson No 4: Everyone has a role


What does he do? He keeps on playing video games and the only word from his mouth is that I’m Groot. It makes us annoyed many occasions. And we often judge why he is there in this movies. What is the role he got to play here?

But towards the end, Groot is the one who helps Thor to get his Hammer. He sacrifices his own hand and helps Thor for Hammer. That Goosebump made Groot standout from rest of other superheroes.

Groot teaches us the most important lesson in our life that Not to judge anybody with their looks. Each and every person is important and they have something to do in our life.

Lesson No 5: Success comes with Sacrifice.

Thanos: Daughter.
Young Gamora: Did you do it?
Thanos: Yes.
Young Gamora: What did it cost?
Thanos: Everything.

Thanos has to Sacrifice his own daughter Gamora to get soul stone.

Doctor Strange has to Sacrifice his Time stone to save his friend Iron Man.

Groot has to Sacrifice his own hand to help Thor get the Hammer

And Hawkeye has to sacrifice this entire movie to make sure that he saves all the disintegrated superhero (Just the rough guess. Hope he had a big role to play in Avenger 4)

So, whatever it is a success doesn’t come easily. We have to sacrifice something to achieve something.

We have to sacrifice watching television during our board exam to get good grades.We have to sacrifice eating junk food if we decide to have a great body physique.We have to sacrifice family emotions if we decide to marry a girl whom we loved for 10+years.

So, Success comes with sacrifice. We have to accept this fact and move on.

“Hardest choices requires the strongest will”

Yes indeed its true

Lesson No 6: It’s your duty to control your Emotions

There are two main emotions which make Thanos achieves his vision. One his Star-Lord Anger and other Thor Vengeance.

It is an inch to remove an infinity gauntlet from Thanos hand. But Star-lord anger spoils the entire scene. Just a fraction of seconds if star lord would have controlled his anger, then the infinity gauntlet would have been removed from Thanos hand and the entire threat would have ended.

Same in case of Thor.

“You should have gone to my Head”

If Thor would have hit Thanos in his head then the entire scenario would be different. Just a fraction of seconds if Thor could have controlled his emotions, think about consequences then this world would have not disintegrated.

So, there is no use of regretting later for the mistake which we do. If we outburst our emotions, then we are the one to face consequences later. Controlling our emotions is most important in our life. If not, you are the one who will regret it later.

Lesson No 7: Problems Unite us.

Thanos is the Threat to this universe. And this threat brings all 76 superheroes together.

If there is no Thanos, then there is no Avengers Infinity war. This threat has made Iron man call Captain America even though we all know what has happened between them in the Civil War. This threat has made Captain America enter into a new world Wakanda for help and that made a good relationship between Black Panther and Captain America.

So,Problem Unite us. Never see a problem as a problem. Instead, see this as an opportunity that unites us all together. Face the problem as a team and solve it.

There where Chennai Floods on 2016 and Vardha cyclone of 2017. These national threats made the world to realize the Humanity inside us. Without any class difference, without any caste differences, each and everyone are on the street to help the needy.

The same thing happen in Chennai during Jallikattu protest or Sterlite protest. There may be so many hurdles  faced during this incident.. But this incident makes the world realize the power of Voice. Especially Voice of Youth.

So, never witness problem as a problem. Instead, see this as an opportunity to unite and socialize.

Lesson No 8: Friendly Neighbourhood matters.

Though there are so many great & powerful dialogues in this movie, the below-stated dialogue is most gripping for me than any. In Spider-Man Homecoming Movie, Tony stark tell Peter, ” Can you just be friendly neighborhood Spiderman? (Obviously, no reply was given to Tony by Peter in that movie. However, we have a reply from Spiderman in this movie)

And the reply is

“There can’t be a friendly neighborhood Spider-man if there is no neighborhood !!”

Have we ever thought why do our parents or our well-wishers from the village are afraid to send his/her child to pursue his/her career to the city? It just because of the neighborhood around us. In the village, say there are hardly 100+ families, we tend to know almost all of them, sometimes even their day to day situations. But what just happens in the city? Even the person next door is not known !! But now even in villages/ smaller towns, these neighborhood culture is diminishing which is really a bad sign…This sort of culture not only make any person feels obsessed but also, in the end, there can be a very bad adverse effect too. Just go outside, speak, explore and mingle with others. We will get to know lot many things by networking and all also our life would become much happier than ever !!!

So, Friendly Neighbourhood matters. You will explore yourself more if you have such a friendly neighborhood around you.


These are the 8 life lessons from Avengers Infinity war. Movies not only entertain us but also teach us.

Start opening your third eye while watching the movie. Enjoy the movie experience while watching the movie. But once movies end, come back home and reflect on some takeaways from the movie.

Every movie has something to teach us. We must be smart enough to understand those lessons and reflect back on our life is important. It can be handy at any point in time.