Hello ! I am karthik.  Beingkarthik  is all about me, my lifestyle and my thoughts.I would like to share my thoughts on topics or subjects which I love and inspired !

 So,What do I love? 

I love,

  • Reading (Books, blogs or any articles)
  • Writing (Blog, short stories)
  • When someone follows their passion (In other words to say, the person who follow what their heart says)
  • When someone motivates me (especially my friends)
  • Cooking (Sometimes it ends us horrible, but I love the process)
  • Creating Crafts and DIY gifts
  • Graphic Design (I figure out my passion so lately, But I am to figure it out)
  • Friends & Family
  • Productivity tips
  • Animation movies (Inside out, Up, Despicable me, minions..list goes on..)
  • Superhero movies (I love Spiderman! The moment is flew away in Avengers,I died literally)
  • Taking & posing photos
  • Living Life to the fullest (Short trips, caring friends, small fights, little things ¬†and so many..)

Above all,  I love being myself  and that is why  Beingkarthik  so special !

All my blogs are going to circle around the below shown topics which I have categorise from my areas of interest or to say from the topic I love.

  • Reading & Writing
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Graphic Design
  • Productivity & Life hacks
  • Personal Stories

I have decided to choose one category a month and share my thoughts around that category. I am happy and super excited!

Beingkarthik is not an overnight dream comes true moment. It’s origin has long history and now it’s time to travel towards my destination by having a end in my mind.

Thanks for your time to read about me.Feel free to share your feedback, comments or suggestion for improvements.


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