Best of 2018- Gadgets

Inventions keep on the happening day in and day out. Some are recognized and rule the world later. Some, though they are great inventions, fail to recognize for various reasons.

This year 2018 is no exemption to numerous inventions. This blog is an extension of my earlier blog. Here I am going to share few of my thoughts on various technological inventions namely gadgets in the year 2018. Also I share how I feel about them and why I feel that these inventions are going to rule the markets in upcoming decades.


Industry: Technology/Electronics
Key highlights: Size and Universal compatibility

If you ask me which is the one market which is continuously improving its technology then it is digital electronics. Most of our home is occupied with Smart TV. Internet connection has become a mandatory need in every home and offices.

But due to the boom of this television market, the projector market has been affected a lot. Many of the corporate offices have switched from the projector to Smart TV in their meeting rooms. It gives much clarity and ease of use. And moreover, better serviceability compared to a projector.

PIQO is the world most powerful 1080P mini projector. I was wondering why do a company or people concentrate on projector again? Is it really needful? Even there was mobile with projector invented by various mobile companies like moto, Samsung,etc..But those models didn’t pick up well.

So my initial thought about Piqo was that this invention is not a current requirement for the market? 

But once I saw its functions and productivity video all my thoughts took a U-turn. (Watch the below video and get the glimpse about this gadget)

Why it is impressive to me?

Firstly, its the product design which attracted me a lot. It’s sleek and super slim. Then its wide range of features. Whatever current features which are required in this century is available in Piqo. It has universal sharing capability, inbuilt storage space, fast charging, touchscreen, speakers designed by Bose engineers and so on. I can’t ask for more than this and that too in a portable projector.

Netflix and youtube are the most commonly used video streaming website. And those two has inbuilt apps in this device is an added bonus for us.

Also rather going for bigger screen desktop, I feel I can go for this PICO which ranges up to 240” HD display.

However, display clarity and life of product matters. But still, this product is impressive to me.

Why do I feel it will be game-changer?

This product would be a slow game changer in this field.

Initially, the corporate offices may prefer switching into a Pico projector. I have seen in corporate offices, each meeting room has a projector (which is now replaced by Smart TV) and each higher official’s individual cabin has a separate TV for their personal reviews. So in such cases, the higher officials may switch to pico which they can carry along with them everywhere.

This product has the capability to become a tool for all higher officials in major corporate offices if marketed properly.

But whether this product will replace the television at home?

This seems not possible. But at the same time, we can say it’s not impossible too and days are not so far.

There are few houses which have seen one television in the hallway and other one in their bedroom. This pico may replace the television which is present in the bedroom. I feel that the sound system will be good, since the speaker is from Bose engineers, so that effect of watching movies in theatre can be achieved through Piqo also.

It has multiple benefits. And cost stated is $200/- at launch. It may seem a bit higher on comparing with a regular projector cost. But if pico is going to replace your Home television, Bluetooth speakers, Desktop screens, then this seems to be quite affordable.

This product will revolutionize the electronics markets in upcoming years. All major brands will start investing in this technology. The world is becoming smarter. And this product is a step ahead to make us smartest.


Industry: Technology/electronics
Key highlights: Concept & Bone conduction technology

Taking out certain feature from the design is not a matter of stupidity. Instead of that also symbolizes creativity and simplicity. Vue is the best examples for this above stated dialogue.

We have seen so many smart glasses in recent inventions. However, those didn’t pick up great in the market. The main reason is that it looks somewhat weird. If you are wearing a smart glass, then easily other may figure it out that you are wearing a smart glass. It may annoy some people too.

But this VUE smart glass is different. It looks just like normal eyeglasses. But yet it can function so many tasks. (Watch the below video and get the jist about the product)

Why it is impressive to me?

Its simple and seems a perfect fit for everyday usage.

Bone conduction audio technology which I am hearing for the first time is also impressive. All health experts says that while we are hearing music via headphones we should make sure hear the external sound too. Blocking a complete external sound may harm our eardrums and even result in hearing loss. But this bone conduction technology is something new and it transmits sound through vibration directly to the inner ear. I am not sure about the side effects of this technology. But still this technology it sounds new and impressive.

Why do I feel it will be game-changer?

Each and every feature in Vue is cleverly designed. These features are pretty common and we are have seen for years in our smartphone. And in recent years in smart watches. Both phones and watches have revolutionized the markets.

The smart glasses are not new to this world. It was conceptualized long back. You might have seen the Virtual reality box which also a version of smart glass. But VR doesn’t seem to pick up that great as smartphones or smartwatches did.

The reason for not a great success of VR is  that it seems weird when a person wears it and moreover there is fear among people what damage does it bring to our vision.

This fear has been neglected and style element is boasted. This made VUE more special. Also, it has no overloaded with lot many features. There are simple features which will ease our daily life like attending calls, reminders, tracking activity, listen to music are loaded in this product. Many of our daily activity can be made simpler with the product. If you want to attend a call while driving, just a taping the side of glass will make you to attend the call and you are ready to speak. Even ease for navigation too.

The best part of this product is that the designer is so clear to keep it simple. It would have taken a few additional months to add a camera to this product and add a lot many features. But that will make it complicated and same story VR will happen for this product.

The feature which is not necessary is not kept in this device. If in future the teams upgrade by adding more feature to this product, then it may sound not viable for usage.

If this simplicity maintains, then definitely this product will be the revolutionary product in next decades.

There is a chance that this product may replace headphones too.

Elephone PX

Industry: Mobiles
Key Highlights: Screen to body ratio: 98%

Whenever we get any new product we strive hard to use to its maximum limits until it gets collapsed. For eg: Say 2-wheelers. Even though it is for two people, we still use for 3 to 4 persons. Sometimes it just becomes a family vehicle for travel. We use 2x or 3x times it actual specified load carrying capacity.

In a similar way, the inventors all around the world are striving hard to bring out the maximum from the specified limits in mobile screens and body size.

When your screen size is 5”, then phone outer body size seems to at least 6 to 6.5”. At the top of the screen there is space required for the front camera, proximity sensor and microphones and at the bottom a place for buttons like menu, back and so on.

Every year all mobile manufactures right from Samsung to apple to One plus, each of them is trying to reduce the space leftover apart from screen size. In fact, in these years the screen to body ratio has tremendously reduced but still, the portion of space above screen is required for front camera and it is almost impossible to remove front camera feature in phones. ( Because you knows selfies are more famous than portraits)

But Elephone X concept seems amazing and it almost uses 98% of the screen to body ratio (Watch the below video to get clarity about this gadget)

Why it is impressive to me?

Without any second thought, it’s impressive because of its concept. I can enjoy a full-screen experience with this concept. And also I can enjoy my selfies with pop up camera. It looks so cool when the camera just pops out of the phones.

Right from design to execution of this concept, everything is impressive.

Why do I feel it will be game-changer?

I am not sure whether elephone-px as a mobile brand they would be able to crack the market. But I can say confidently that all the major OEM in this markets will introduce this feature of Pop out front camera and full screen without bezel in upcoming upgrades.

This concept is definitely going to be a game-changer and this will happen immediately. I also guess that the most awaited Samsung next launch of note 10 may come up with this feature.

I also believe that Vivo has already tried to adopt this feature in his new model Apex where the screen to body ratio is 98%.

So, this bezel-less screen is one of the incredible inventions in this markets and we all are going to witness the revolutionary change in mobile phones in this upcoming year.


Working harder will give success and no second thought to it. But at the same time, you should try to work smart. Use the technology to the extend wherever possible. Try to live with it.

Every technology has its own merits and demerits. And each year new technology comes up and there is a huge line of the crowd to bogged down the technology though it’s sound good.

Don’t fall yourself in the trap of people who dislikes technology and fail to live with it. Try to take the best out of it and leave the rest. Follow the new technology inventions in every year and try to upgrade yourself with the technology.

Grow with technology. Work hard. Also work smart.

The year 2018 is filled with a new invention & gadgets. And I’m the sure the year 2019 will also revolutionize many aspects of technology with new iconic inventions

What do you feel about these do inventions and gadgets? Do you feel these will be a game changer in near future? Leave in the comment section below.