Best of 2018- Inventions

It’s December 2018. We are at the end of this year. It’s time to look back the happening this year and praise the world of creators, innovators, speakers, inventors, entertainers and so on.

So, this month my beingkarthik blogs speaks about Best of 2018. And this blog is about Inventions.

Here in this blog, I don’t explain about technology, specifications or working principle associated with it. I just post the link about its technology or explanation video. However, I share my insights of these technology, in what way these inventions are impressive and why it can be stated as best inventions of 2018.

So, Let’s begin…

Best inventions of 2018.

” To me, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is world best inventions ” 

Any idea who has told these words? It’s X-men fame – Mr. Hugh Jackman.

We are surrounded by a lot of new inventions. As year pass by these inventions has become a part and parcel of our daily life.

You brush your teeth with toothpaste every morning. It is one of your routines for maintaining a good hygiene. But you should not forget the fact that tootpaste was once a greatest inventions. There is a long history for it and started somewhere around 5000BC. But where is now?

It is an FMCG product and everyone has one or many for them.

This same logic applies to all the products surrounding us. Every product has his own history to it. Also not to forget that these are once the greatest inventions of the world.

You may be wondering why and how this history connects to Best inventions of 2018 blog?

I am impressed with few of new inventions in technology or gadgets. And also, I feel these would be a revolutionary products in couple of years.

Some are in the concept stage. But still if made then it may change the perspective of our daily usable products.

Techno (Auto water)

Industry: Plumbing
Key Highlights: Easy Setup & Low water consumption

(Watch this clip to get an idea about the product)

Consumption of water plays a huge role in today’s world. Sometime back in this year we might have heard happening on Cape Town as the first city to run out of the water. Each and every has the fear of such situations. When this is happening in one side the other side inventors has kept on improving the methods to save water. A lot of inventions was happening in this area and Techno – Auto water is also part of it.

Why it is impressive to me?

Because it can be fitted in any existing pipe. No need to change the entire plumbing arrangement. Just a few rotation, the setup is done.

Why do I feel it will be game-changer?

All Malls, airports, corporate offices have automatic faucets. Even luxury apartments and hotels have these automatic faucets arrangements. The house is not changing to automatic faucets mainly due to installation and the cost.

But this auto water setup is so simple and easy to usage. And moreover, any existing setup can be changed to Auto water.

Also, I feel that days are not far the government regulates the water consumption for every house or at least business places. So in that scenario, this Auto water would be an initial choice.

This product is in the prototype stage. And I feel that the selling cost of the product will decide its market reach.

Leaving the luxury part of it (like multicolor LED lights), a simple downgraded version of it, if available in markets, then definitely this product may rule the markets in upcoming decades. It would definetly turn out to be a revolutionary product.

Ultra aqua Bags

Industry: Safety
Key Highlights: Disaster Management. Light and reusable

(Watch this clip to get an idea about the product)

During floods or say during high tides the part of shore will be taken off by the water. In such situation the disaster management team would be packing sandbags, placing them near the seashore to prevent water from taking off the land.

Same has to done in the case of floods to divert the water path and preventing it to enter the land.

Making such barrier is a tedious task and above all, it has to be done on swift time to prevent loss. This problem was prevailing for a longer time. Finally a team from ultra tech media has invented these Ultra Aqua Bags.

Why it is impressive to me?

First and foremost this inventions is not a part of luxury or comfort. This invention is part of safety.

Also, I am the person whose native (Tuticorin/Thoothukudi-TN,India) is a seashore. I have witnessed lot many crises like high tides or floods where the huts or smaller houses has been ripped by sea during high tides. The pain and work involved in making barrier are using sandbags is not only difficult but also time-consuming.

Here, the aqua bag takes just 5 mins to fully activate and can withstand barrier for 1-3 months time, which is, impressive.

Why do I feel it will be game-changer?

This product is light and reusable. Also, the life of the products seems to be at a higher rate. This product will become a one among the kit for the disaster management team and it will definitely help in case of emergency. There is a chance even farmers or seafood cultivators can invest in this aqua bags instead of making artificial ponds. However, cost matters…

If selling cost is made affordable to common man and the amount of time the bags acts as barrier improves in the range of 6 months across different weather and humidity conditions, then definitely this products will become a revolutionary product.

To be continued…

What do you feel about these do inventions? Do you feel these will be a game changer in near future? Leave in the comment section below.