Best speeches in 2018

Speeches are a powerful weapon. It can influence many individuals. Politicians use this weapon during an election campaign to trick people which result in a vote. Sometimes even a worse politician, if deliver a great speech then people trust him. Same logic goes for all celebrities, corporate leaders, motivational speakers and so on.

This blog is about the speeches which are most impressive in this year 2018. It was praised by lot many people and also few of the speeches listed here have gone viral in social media too.

But why these speeches is most impressive and what makes them stand out from rest of the other speeches, What is so special?

Simple. Apart from quoting some key information about the subject of the talk, these speeches also throw away some of the life messages which everyone can take away in our life.

So let’s begin.

“ Don’t be afraid to take the risk” – By Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton delivered a commencement speech at Kent State University. He was delivering his speech after 33 years in this university and addressing a standing audience of almost 2100 students.

He started his speech by quoting a pair of shoes. He started by sharing his experiences about having only one pair of shoes throughout his school, the way he work hard to earn enough cash to getting back to school after dropping out and his experiences on journalism with a story. But the most impressive part comes after 10 minutes of his speech.

“ I just never want to get older and look back and think I never tried. That I never gave it a shot”

These lines are so true and motivating at the same time. How many us we might have met told us that they miss the opportunity of doing what they love because they never gave a shot. The reason for not giving a chance is because they are afraid and they always want to live in the safe zone.

For those people who like to live their lives in a safe zone, Michael quoted in next line itself i.e.

“ The kids I love the most is the Kids who tried”

Trying something new, failing, learning from it is far better than the people who are failing to try. You don’t want to regret later in your life that I never tried.

“ You have to take the risk. Take risk whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to look foolish. It is one of the best things you can do for you. And what that will lead to is self-discovery and then lead back to natural authentic self”

Self-discovery of who you are is a most difficult thing one can understand. It is often easy for others to say that you like this or that but is very difficult to hear your inner self and understand what is that you really are. And that is nothing but self-discovery. So to discover yourself, Michael Keaton asks to risk.

“ I really encourage you as you get older go back to who you were when you are a kid because that is the most authentic you”

Wow! What a line it was ! As you get older, you should be prepared to go back and understand yourself what you would do to this situation when you are a kid. Michael also quoted that when we are a kid, we don’t think or judge on other kid about their hairstyle or T-shirts. We just try to live that moment. That is what we should try to take away from us when we are as a kid.

“ Don’t wait for anyone. You are the world and you are the change”

The person who tries to change and adapt himself with the world survive. And another half who resist changing has to face a lot of consequences. This is well-known facts and told by many people. But what Michael Keaton says is something different. He tells us not to wait for the world to change. You create a change and let the world follow you. Again it’s impressive which got big applause from the crowd too.

And finally towards the end of the speech he delivers his iconic dialogue i.e

“ I’ m Batman !!”

Overall one of the finest speech for a graduation ceremony was delivered by Michael Keaton. He made the audience to laugh, motivate and above all he made everyone to think about inner self. “ Be you”

He also showcases is interest in free education in the middle of his speech is an additional point to be noted.

We love you, Michael Keaton. Thanks for your message. And there is not any second thought that you are the best batman ever.

“ Purpose is the essential element of you “ – Boseman Chadwick/ Black Panther

Black Panther fame Boseman Chadwich address 150th commencement ceremony of Harward University. Boseman himself was an Ex. Harward student which made his speech feel much more special for all of us.

He started his speech by wishing his Mom a Mother’s day wishes. Then he never fails to acknowledge his professor for shaping and molding him throughout his life.

He shares his own experiences of meeting Mohammed Ali, the feeling he had when he met him and then he started recollecting his own precious moments in university. Each and every sentence in his speeche connect audience very well which was witnessed by their loud cheer.

The best part comes later in his speech.

“Sometimes your grades didn’t give up your real identification of what your greatness can be”

So true. Grades are important. But that doesn’t mean that grades are only important. College life is so special for all of us. It may because of the friends we get, a professor we met, Love, relationship and so on. But above all the richness of experience which we learn from the lesson of life stand out for the rest of life, which I feel is the most important part. And that is what Boseman told in just two simple sentences which make him stand out from the rest of the person.

Then he talks about the problem of being social. How difficult it is for few of the students to socialize. He also mentioned that it may even result in a psychological problem.

“Look down what you have conquered and appreciated what God has bought you through”

Many of us including me fail to do this one. And these words are an eyeopener for me. I talk to myself many times and understood my needs and wants. But I fail to appreciate myself many times for what I am and how far I have travel. It takes a moment for me to feel sad for negative consequences by talking negatively about me to inside me. At the same time I struggle a lot to feel happy by appreciating myself for what I am by talking more positive about me to myself. This sentence has made me reflect back and appreciate myself for what I have conquered so far.

“ Sometimes you need to feel the pain and sting of defeat to activate the real passion and purpose that GOD predestined inside of you “

Then Boseman speaks about his struggle in his filmography, how he overcomes it and decided what is required for him. He made his struggle directly get transferred to the entire audience.

And finally, he concludes with the best message which is so touching for not only the students out there but also to everyone who has heard his speech i.e

“ Purpose is most important. Be clear on the purpose . Purposes crosses your disciplines. It is the real reason why you exist at this particular time on this planet”

When we realize the purpose of our life and be clear on it, then no one can stop us from going higher and higher. We are at the end of this beautiful year 2018 and waiting for yet another adorable year 2019. It’s time now to be clear on what is the purpose of our life. What is that we achieved so far in 2018 and what do we plan to do in 2019. Be clear on the purpose and that will shape you and make you a better person.

“When God has something for you, it doesn’t matter who stands against you“!

Boseman speech is not only motivating but always he touches many person hearts. He truly deserves the Humanitarian award.

Thanks, Boseman for being impressive. Earlier I like you or resembles you only as T’challa/Black Panther. But now I began to like you as Boseman.

Wakanda Forever !!

Finally, to conclude, these two speeches have impressed and motivated me the most in 2018.

Even Tim Cook (CEO-Apple) – “ It’s always right time to do right” commencement speech also has impressed me. He also address audience to Be fearless. This message stand out apart from other message

Also, south Indian actor Vijay Sarkar audio launch speech which went viral in social media also impressed me in the way it was delivered and a tiny message from the speech. Though this speech seems to trigger his political interest, the way it was delivered boldly stands out from rest all Indian fame actors/celebrities. One of my favorite message which may look not only simple but also more punchy to hear. But it is really difficult to follow even for a day. And the message is…

“ உசு பேத்துறவகிட்ட உம்முனும்
கடுப் பேத்துறவகிட்ட கம்முனு இருந்தா வாழ்க்கை ஜம்னூ

The underlined meaning of these word would be to stay calm and peace with the person whom literally mock us will make us and our life a happier one. The rhythm and the way it was delivered really impressed me a lot in this speech and I have seen so many Vijay speech earlier and he seems to improve a lot in his every speech and this audio launch speech was the best one.

Tim Cook and Vijay speeches also are impressive and different. But somehow I feel Michael Keaton and Boseman steal the show.

Feeling really blessed to hear those speeches in this year 2018. And hoping forward to hearing more in 2019.

What do you feel about these speeches? Is there any other best speech of 2018 which has impressed you a lot? Share in the comment section below.