Five Goals of Beingkarthik

Having a goals in life is very important. Everyone needs to have a goals and beingkarthik is no excuse for it.

“Begin with End in Mind

                                                      -Stephen covey”


Below shown are the goal which I am trying to accomplish through being karthik

  •  Being karthik getting featured in Huffington post/Forbes:   This is my final destination. Everyday when I write blog, I picturize myself that beingkarthik getting featured in Huffington post/Forbes and people all over the world appreciating, tweeting, commenting for it. This goal is what motivates me, warn me and guide me for each and everything I am progressing through Beingkarthik. It’s no so easy, but It is not impossible

  •  Make Impact in at least one person’s life:  When an unknown, somewhere in this planet, get to read my blog, get inspired and improve his/her life, then I could say, there could not be any other proudest moment in my life. Impacting and making changes in someone’s life is the most difficult task one can do. Robin Sharma books has impacted me, Kalam has impacted me, My close friend has impacted me. But that doesn’t happen so easy. We have to touch people heart and only few in millions can do it. If I did it, then that’s what make me proud !
  •  Build a steady monetization plan which serves me post retirement:  I am not full-time blogger. I want to be a full-time graphic designer and a part-time blogger. My passion is in graphic design and my hobby is blogging. So money is not what my key focus. And I don’t need to blog for money. But that doesn’t mean that I should not have monetization plan using my blog. I have plans to monetize it and I have decided after 50 (as per me, my retirement age would be 50), I would like beingkarthik to be my steady source of income. But, I would like to ensure that I would never allow money to overpower my blog quality
  •  No promotion of Smoking, drinking, Adultery & Religion:  My values are more important to me than anything else. Not a single chance I would allow me to promote these content. Blog is a powerful media and at no chance my blog should have negative impact on others. Beingkarthik assure you 100% that no deviation on this point even if you could pay me billions.
  •  Get a word of appreciation from my Friend:  This is a most difficult goal I have ever set. My friend is a reason for origin of beingkarthik. He tells me that none of my blogs inspire him. It is very difficult to make him inspire and for me it is just impossible. You may feel that, Is my friend so cunning to give appreciation. No it’s not like that, If you could understand the value of friendship, then you know what I meant here.

These are  5 top goals  of Beingkarthik. I am confident that I would achieve this one day. I am waiting for that day when I could strike out a point from this blog.And I am sure that day is not so far ahead !

When I started writing blogs, I do not have any clear guidance/goals in my mind. But beingkarthik origin has clear guideline/goals and  I am happy that I have figured out my destination.Each step I keep would be one step forward towards my destination.

“ ..if you don’t know where you are heading too, how would you know when you reach there…”

Beingkarthik is clear. All set to go !!

Feel Free to post your comments , suggestions for improvements. Thanks