Sapiens-Breakdown: The Agricultural Revolution-Part 1

Is there a one book which can give a complete insights about our history?

If yes, then the only answer would be Sapiens book.

Right from the way started roaming freely in this world in search for food to the way started roaming around this world in search of Business, everything is covered in this book.

It may changes the perspective of our entire history which we have heard so far from our ancestors.

Above all mostly importantly this book will make you think how much we have lost for the sake of our own selfishness.

The book has been divided into 4 different categories

  1. The Cognitive Revolution
  2. The Agricultural Revolution
  3. The Unification of Humankind
  4. The Scientific Revolution

Let me try breakdown each categories with my own insights and thoughts. Before that let me make a point clear that this is not a review about this books. These are just my perceptions about this book.

This blog speaks about Agricultural Revolution. Lets Begin

History Biggest Fraud

This Title shocked me. Author comments that agricultural revolution as History biggest fraud. And also he convinces all the reader why is it so. According to me this is the best part of this book. It changes the entire perception on the thoughts which I had about agriculture and Farming.

Today there were protest going on most part of the world due to of Farmers death, shortfall of rainfall, improper cultivation patterns, or not getting enough output both monetarily and personally for their crops and so on.

But if we look deep into all this problem it is caused by the ownership of Land. So, when did Sapiens becomes ownership for the land? And Why?

It’s all because of Agriculture.

What do we lose?

Sapiens was roaming freely all places. They don’t have any fixed work to do other than hunting and finding their meal. Even when they were hunter gathers they eat Vegetables which are fresh from trees in the forest. They didn’t cultivate anything. But once when foragers/Hunter gathers started cultivating on their own, everything is lost.

They lost their freedom and become addicted to one particular land. Physicallty they become weak also. And moreover the time they spend within themselves is also reduce.

And Yes. Foragers becomes Farmers. This is the era where man productivity has increase. Each and every sapiens has some dedicated work to do day in and day out. They feel happy when they see the fresh crops coming out from the field. But are they really happy like cognitive revolution where they roam freely is a bigger question in all our mind. And more likely to say No. Spend more time for gossip and play, living a simple life, not become owner of any things make them more happy.

We thought we were saving time; instead we revved up the treadmill of life to ten times its former speed and made our days more anxious and agitated

Sapiens thought by cultivating wheat by themselves they can save more time and get regular food and no need to care for their everyday food.But that is not so. They have to spend more time to get one first yield of crops. It makes them more occupied. From land preparation to end harvesting everything has set amount of time. And moreover their needs and wants are not judges properly by the sapiens.

At first when the requirement is x kg of wheat, their demand become 2x. So next time when grow for 2x, their demand become 4x. They keep on growing different crops, they improve their pattern but still their demand increase and there is no way going back to older way of living. They become farmers who is ownership of land.

So when they become owner of a land, there comes a quarrel or friendship between neighbouring lands. And that is where greater kingdom became to origin. Wheat , barley or any crops become the equipment for trade.

In case if you need a pot , you can trade with the pottery person with an X amount of wheat. Life has completely change just with one reason i.e Wheat. Sapiens who doesn’t know anything about the widespread of land, become a owner of particular land and he has to responsible for securing his land too.

I can simply say, agricultural revolution is the starting point for all the loan and instalment that we are paying today. If this revolution doesn’t exist we would have still be living simple happy life together, hunting and eating raw animals.

Happy Days for Domesticated animals?

Agricultural revolution was a wonderful boon for chickens, cattle, pigs and sheep.

Chicken, castles, pigs and sheep has a greater growth in agricultural revolution. Their population increased. They become the part of their family. So far sapiens are playing among them self. Now they had a new friends of domesticated animals to play with.

What do we lose?

But are these domesticated animals are happy?


Agree that population of these domesticated animals has increased exponentially. But they were increase just for the sake of sapiens health.

Sapiens take a good care of these animals. They feed them great food. They play with them and made their kids play with them. But at last one day these end up as a meat.

Not everyone to be blamed. There are few societies which showcase real care to the domesticated animals.

They worship them as god and serve the first crop from their land to the domesticated animals. Rather seeing them as the helper or guardian of their land, they see them as one of the family member.

But that is rarely few. And surprisingly those few even exist today.

And more 80% of people showcase only fake happiness to them.

Modern calf story

This story will definitely make few person to cry and all we must realise how cruel Sapiens we are in this world

A modern calf in an industrial meat farm. Immediately after birth the calf is separated from its mother and locked inside a tiny cage not bigger than calf’s own body. There the calf spend its entire life-about four months on average. It never leaves its cage, nor is it allowed to play with other calves or even walk- all so that its muscles will not grow strong. Soft muscles mean a soft and juicy steak. The first time the calf has a chance to walk, stretch its muscles and touch other calves is on its way to the slaughter house.

In cognitive revolution, sapiens is the reason for extinction for many creatures in this world. Atleast those creatures are natural in existence before sapiens made their mark in this world.

But in agricultural revolution, Sapiens cultivated domestic animals, made them comfortable, made them eat healthy, improve their populations and in the end just cut them off. Just for the sake of food.

In Cognitive revolution we kill animals for our existence. But here in agricultural revolution we kill them for our greed. And sad part it continues even today and it becomes normal.Even I feel guilty now.

To conclude let me say the exact words portrait by the author..

To be continued…