Life lessons from Alex in Wonderland

Alex is Wonderland is musically Humorous show scripted and performed by Stand up comedian Alex.

Apart from Fun & music, Alex also tries to convey some interesting messages. Though the message may sound funny, still there are a lot of life lessons to be taken from this show!

(Some words are written in Tanglish so that the originality of Alex is not lost. I would suggest to watch this show before reading this blog to connect it easily)

Let’s get started!

1. Music…

Whatever be the situation, Music has the power to heal us.

Alex tells that, In life, something will come to give happiness and at the next moment something else will come to take away the happiness. But this ONE thing, that remains throughout our life is Music! 

He also adds God’s given rabbit hole is music. And we should all fall into this hole to experience life in wonderland!

Lessons 1: So, whatever be your mood, your best remedy is to listen to music and uplift your life!

2. Mounama na neram….(Illaiyaraja & Silence)

Illaiyaraja is the only person who has a song about silence. (Mounamana neram… <pause>….)

The entire narration about this song was so much fun to watch & in the end, Alex asks us to think that we all need to bring back that silence into our life again…

Yes, days have changed, we are running round the clock without even experiencing a pinch of silence to our life. Why yoga, meditation has that power to enrich your life? Why do we feel spiritual when we enter any divine places? One common thing is Silence.

But now we have forgotten to experience that silence in our life.

Lessons no 2: So, Bring back Silence to your life

3. Bongos vachae Bonga adichitingalae sir!! (MSV & Simplicity)

Melissa Mannan MS Viswanathan is the one who uses Bongos ( A simple percussion musical instrument) with 4 beat rhythm for most of his songs.

The way Alex pays a tribute for MSV with a story of a mashup of MSV songs is a real musical delight to watch. In this complete Mashup, Alex uses Bongos with a 4 beat rhythm pattern.

That is where Alex tells us that Beauty lies in simplicity.

KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid is the world’s most common design principle. Making it simple is the most difficult task to accomplish. Just think of the Google home screen… Just think of apple products…. Why not, just think of Alex in wonderland, stage backdrop… Is it not simple and adorable? To be simple is difficult, but that is where our challenge lies.

Life lessons 3: Beauty lies in simplicity

4. Auto la aeritaen Raja… Anga vanthu kulichi dress mathikuraen!!! (Malaysia Vasudevan & one time opportunity)

In the period 70s, 80s & 90s, entire Tamil film music was dominated by two legends (SPB & Yesudas), and Malaysia Vasudevan is one who remains shallow. He has sung almost 8000 songs in the Tamil language alone & still we people call him an unsung musician is a real sadness.

Alex narrates an incident where Raja sir calls Malaysia Vasudevan for a song recording due to the non-availability of SPB. But here Malaysia Vasudevan grabs the opportunity to sing is lifetime best song poove..illaya poove.… Trust me it is absolute fun & best goosebump moment when he sung this Saranam line…Kuzlal valanthu alayanathae.. (Don’t forget the chorus section fun too!!)

Alex also tries to convey here the most important life lessons in all our life.

He tells, Very often you will under-appreciated, under-celebrated in what you are doing, where you are working. You will overshadow my other big people out there. Sometime people will call you only when they are not there. But don’t take it to your heart. The most important thing to remember is, When you get that call…when you get the opportunity, get on that auto-rickshaw immediately! Then over time, you will be a hero…
May be little unsung, but at least one comedian will talk about you at some point…

Life lessons: So, Opportunity knocks you at any point in time. Be prepared!

5. Mochachi vidalama… (Karnan Sivaji)

We all know that Legend Sivaji is an extraordinary actor. But no one can express it as comically as Alex did. The way he expresses the climax scene from Karnan is brilliant!

Apart from beautiful sets, Sirikali high pitch, costume, NTR acting, the one who score just with his breathing is our Legendary actor- Sivaji Ganesan. Whenever I hear senjothu kadan thirithu, only Alex came to my mind. Fun+ Entertainment Guaranteed!

Alex referred this in one of the best and my favorite messages from this show i.e If you can breathe, you can do it. Period.

How many times do we tell ourselves that this no my cup of tea? How many times we never tried something new, just because we lack our self-confidence? There may be 1000 people who can suppress you, tell you that you can’t and maybe you are unfit. But if there is one reason why you can do it is your Self Confidence.

Life lessons: If you can breathe, you can do it!

6. Overtime, Namma improve aguromo ilaiyo, audience Namma format la set agiruvanga… (SPB & Yesudas Uniqueness)

If SPB is the man with a lot of variation in his voice, then Yesudas is one with the same variation for all types of voices.

SPB can laugh is any sad songs, still, it looks fresh. But Yesudas, invariably for all songs his tone is in a straight line.

Many times people might compare SPB with Yesudas and ask Yesudas to showcase his variety in any of his songs just like SPB. But Yesudas has never done that. That is where Alex conveys another interesting lessons i.e
There is no point in imitating other people. We should focus on our strength, life will happen. Overtime, Namma improve aguromo ilaiyo, audience Namma format la set agiruvanga. Life will go on.

Comparisons can’t be avoided in this real world. Whatever be your domain, there will be always someone whom you compare with. It all started as when you are a kid where your parents compared you with a high-rank kid. It’s common and we all have such experience. And it can’t be avoided. But when such comparison happens, what if you start to imitate the person whom you compare with? You will lose your originality. You can walk in the footprint of others. But you won’t make any of your own. Originality is important!

Life Lesson: It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation

7. Magic (AR Rahman)

No doubt that AR Rahman is absolute Magic. He brings something new all the time.

But he too was criticized when sung his first song. But later on, his voice becomes an international sensation. Right from Roja to Bigil he has maintained the pulse across generations. He kept on doing what he believes in and never taken any credits on his own.

Alex also shares his experience where ARR recognizes and credits every single man who played any instrument in his troop. That last man respect is one key thing which makes ARR stand above all musician in any industry.

When you are passionate about something there would be criticism, there would no one to support you at some point in time, you may have lost financially also. But you have to keep on doing what you believe in. One day the world will know you!

Life lessons: Keep doing what you believe in

8. Hallelujah.. Mashaallah… Hare Rama..Hare Krishna…(Alex & Religion)

Alex concludes his show with these words and a beautiful message…

Rivers are many but they end up as one… Like everything under the sun…Gods are many but the truth is one…But this religion you can’t make fun…

Religion is something where we people fear to talk about. Politicians use this as a tool for the vote. Whatever it is, one universal thing is the truth. The form or the way we worship may be different. But the truth is always universal. Anyone can play with the form. But no one can play with the truth!

Life lessons: Gods are many but the truth is one!

Alex in Wonderland is just not a one-time watchable show. Kamal tribute, Rajini Vs SPB tribute , Sirikali high pitch are also top notch. This show can be watched whenever you feel low. It is a kind of energy drink where you feel energized after the show.

Yes… some aspects may sound adultery. But with the flow and with his music, nothing may sound explicitly wrong. It’s Fun & entertaining! Thanks, Alex for such a show and eagerly waiting for the next one. A special thanks for all your messages & lessons.

Get motivated with Alex in Wonderland!!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts & comments about this show!