Life lessons from Avengers End Game

What a goosebump moment it was when Captain America grab the hammer. The theatre just exploded!!. I can watch Avengers End game 1000 times just for this one iconic scene. I love each and every frame of this movie. And this is the best movie I ever watched in my life. I can speak all day about this movie. Each character, each dialogue has a lot to takeaway with.

But let me cut it short it with 8 most interesting takeaways.

/By now most of the people might have watched Avengers -End Game. This blog definitely has spoilers. So in case if anyone has still not watched this Marvel’ous Avengers then refrain yourself from reading further/

Lessons 1: Feel for your failure. But don’t stop there.

Infinity war teaches us the most important lessons towards the end, which is, Superheroes are not the one who wins but who fights till the end. Entire Avengers team gather together to destroy one mighty villain Thanos and they fail. It is really hard to watch our favorite superheroes getting disintegrated at no time.

Loss of every superhero has to be felt and that is what Avengers do. But they didn’t stop there. They search for all possible way to get them back. Entire movie travel on this theme. And that is what makes them real heroes.

Whatever be the failure in your life, make sure you don’t quit. There will always be a chance for you to win.

Life Lessons: Never stop after failure

Lessons 2: “I went for the Head”

We all are aware of what happens in the infinity war before the snap by Thanos. He says, “ You should have gone for my head”

Even though all superheroes have to be blamed for the loss, it Thor who took the entire blame for missing the chance. He thought it was his mistake for not going to the head. But he never repeats it again. When the rest of Avengers are busy in enquiring Thanos, it’s again Thor who hit the head and says, “I went for the head”. He learns from his mistakes.

So, the takeaways here is we all are bound to do mistakes. But what differentiates a great leader and a normal person is that leaders learn from the mistakes and they try avoiding it for the second time. They don’t try to cover up or blame others. They blame themselves and try not to repeat it.

Lessons 3: Friendship = Trust

The entire movie demonstrates so many sequences of friendship. But the most emotional moment is the friendship between Captain America & Iron Man.

We all know what has happened in the civil war. And even infinity war doesn’t showcase a scene where Iron man & Captain America are together. But when Captain Marvel brings back Iron man back to earth, it was Captain who lift him from falling down.

It was friendship which made Iron man give back Captain America’s shield. Even there was a sequence where Iron man ask captain, “ Do you trust me?” And he replies “ I do”. This showcase the core value of friendship.

There is also the sequence at Vormir between Clint and Black widow which speaks a lot about their friendship. They both are ready to sacrifice their life and wanted to save the other. The way it was scripted and narrated is so beautiful and emotional. It showcases the amount of trust they value between them.

Friends are someone whom you can handover your life completely. They are there for you when you need them. You can fight, cry, blame, laugh and whatever with your friend. But you can never mistrust your friend.

Lessons 4: That Hug Means a lot!

Iron man life was pleasant even after Thanos disintegrated half of the population. He was lucky to have his wife and a daughter. Even when an Avengers approach them for a second chance to bring them all back he was resisting it.

But what made him join back to Avengers and save everyone? It’s Spiderman. Iron man is one who bought Spiderman to Avengers. He molded him to a better person just by his one iconic dialogue i.e “ If you are nothing without your suit, then you don’t need it”. The bonding between Peter Parker and Tony stark is something beyond friendship or love. It can never understand. But you can feel it. And that’s what Iron man did as soon he saw Spiderman. He could never utter a single word and he can only hug him with tears. That Hug means a lot!

You can hug anyone with a passion. But some hugs can’t be explained. It can only be felt.

Find the one person for whom you can give away your entire life. It might be your Brother, Sister, Friend, Mom, Dad, wife or anyone. Find out and live for him.

Lessons 5: “ No amount of money ever bought a second of time”

This is what Tony says to his father in the past. And it conveys so many meaning to it. It becomes even more special when Tony says.

Tony is kind of playboy in previous movies and he never thought of settling down with the family. Whatever happened at Infinity war and with Thanos made him realize lot about his life. His entire perspective of life changes and he value the time, family & relationship more than anything.

Money is important in all our life. But that doesn’t mean that money is an only important factor. You can keep on working day in and out for earning more and more money. But if I say you that I will pay $100 and give me the moment where I want to enjoy with my family, can you owe it to me? Whether we can buy some amount of time for money?

Never. You can make more and more money. But you can never buy time. Don’t sacrifice your life moment for the sake of money.

Lessons 6: Accept it like Hulk!

It is so cool to watch Hulk wearing T-shirts & specs, Hearing music, eating a sandwich, taking selfies, etc.. But there is one very important quote stated by Hulk which most of the people has missed out.

“ For years I’ve been treating the Hulk like he’s some kind of disease, something to get rid of. But then I started looking at him as the cure. And now look at me, best of both worlds.”

We know that in Infinity war Hulk refuse to come out of Banner. And Banner was continuously blaming Hulk for this. And after 5 years of Thanos snap, we are able to see Hulk and Banner combined together and it was so pleasant to watch. But How? Because he started treating Hulk as a cure and not as a disease. And now he was able to look best of both worlds.

No one is perfect in this world. Everyone has some discrepancies. Some showcase it by accepting it and others hide it. Whatever be your problem or deficiency, accept it. Don’t have two separate worlds for the persons inside you.I am sure that best of you will pop up!

Lessons 7: “Avengers, Assemble!”

Before going for Time heist, Captain America says, “ This is the fight of our lives. And we’re going to win. Whatever it takes. Good luck.” There are so much to look into these dialogues. Here, “ Whatever it takes” , means that even if your life is at stake , our goal is to bring back whatever we lost. No matter Captain is a great motivator and he is one who keeps the team moving forward.

What a scene it was when Captain was standing at the front with his broken shield & Hammer and entire Avengers team at behind. The Real captain! Royal Salute to Captain America. This one shot shows who is the real leader and how the leader should lead from the front. The entire team (also the whole world) waited for this one iconic dialogue from Captain and finally, he says it! Wow!

“ Avengers, Assemble”

This is one iconic dialogue from captain which we can never forget in our life and he proved again that he his the real captain.

Leaders are the one who leads from the front. They command us what to do and what’s not. They set an example for the rest of us. And above all whatever it takes, they gave us Hope.

So, If you want to be a real captain then ensure you give Hope to the entire world.

Lessons 8: I’m Ironman!

Thanos: I am inevitable.
[he snaps his fingers and nothing happens, realizes the stones are not on the gauntlet]

Tony Stark: And I am Iron Man.
[Tony snaps his fingers, we see Thanos’s army and Thanos slowly fading into dust]

That’s it. The real End game. The End game is not only for Thanos. But all for all Iron Man fans. And the way Tony says I’m Iron man is enough for rest of our lives. This one word motivates us, mold us, make us fight for the right, bring us an instant smile and thug life to all of us.

If Thanos is the one man who wipes out half of the population, then it is the Iron Man one who bring back the world, families, celebration all over the world. Tony could have sat in his home, enjoyed with Pepper and her daughter. He could have lived a simple life. He could have enjoyed the moment. But he didn’t and he can’t. And that is Iron Man!

We love you Iron man and there is always a proof that Tony Stark has a Heart!

There is a lot to learn from Iron man as a character and Tony as a character. They teach us a lot. One key take away from “I’m Ironman!” is that be you. Never and ever lose your identity for anyone else. Being you define your character.

So, Never lose your identity. Be you!


Special credits to directors/scriptwriters for keeping at least one scene in each of his movie that empasis on women power.

When Spiderman is lying in a ditch holding on tightly to the gauntlet with the stones, where he required some help entire women superheroes joined in. (Captain Marvel, Pepper, Okoye, Wanda Maximoff, Mantis, Gamora, Valkyrie, Nebula, Hope & Suri). Even in infinity war director managed to showcase one scene specific to showcase women power. The director definitely needs a salute!

Russo Brothers , Team Avengers and  above all Stan lee “ I Love you 3000!”

I would love to hear from you. What did you take home from the movie?