Life lessons from Mahabharatham – Part 1

One of the great things that happen in this Lockdown, I completed the 267 episodes of Mahabharatham. It was such a masterpiece. Apart from regular drama, twists, and the wow moment, Mahabharatham has numerous life lessons. Each episode can teach us something. Each character portrays some uniqueness. And Each character can be listed as a role model to live our life.


  • Be Humble & genuine like Krishna…
  • Showcase your exemplary friendship like Karna…
  • Keep up your words like Bhishma…
  • Be a powerful women no matter what the world says like Draupadi…
  • Have a never-ending willingness to learn like Arjuna…
  • Stay united in all situation like Pandavas…
  • And so the list goes on..

There is going to be a series of blogs about Mahabharatham. And this first blog is going to be top life lessons from Mahabharatham.

Stand for What’s is right (Dharmam). It’s worth even to fight for it

So, what is the one line of Mahabharatham? It is a war between Dharma & Adharma. And finally, Dharma wins!

This theme teaches us to stand for what is right i.e. Dharma. Whatever be the situation can be, it can even be a death-like situation, Choose the right path. If anyone is stopping you to follow the right path, you can even fight for it to get it done.

In the current day scenario, people may call you unfit to live in this society. No matter what others, listen to your inner voice, and follow the right path. Even it takes some time, Dharma wins!

Respect Women. Period

Why did the Kurukshetra war happen? It is because Gauravas did not respect the most prized possession of the world i.e. Women.

One who doesn’t respect women will deserve punishment. No matter whatever it is. You may be rich. You may have loads of money to safeguard you but all these didn’t work in the power of women. Never disrespect any women in your life. If you do, then you will regret it for your entire life.

Destroying Women Womb deserve most cruel punishment

Remember what Ashwathama did to Uttara’s Womb. He destroys it. And he deserves the cruelest punishment in the world i.e he wants death to come, but death will never come. Pain for wanting death kills him every day every hour. People say even today Ashwathama is alive and he is waiting for death but it is not going to happen.

Respecting women is most important. But women’s womb is a place where new lives are born. The new generation happens. Even a cruel mind of destroying women’s womb deserves this punishment which Ashwathama deserves.

In the current world, women’s safety is the biggest question mark. There is rape happening all over the world. And people are fighting for rape accused to hanged for death in 2 days. But is that punishment enough? According to me, death is not punishment. Beyond death, punishment is what this cruel person deserves. They should be in a situation where they want death and they never get it. That pain for wanting death is more painful than death itself.

So, any single taught of destroying women’s womb deserves the cruelest punishment in the world.

Build trust by keep up your words

Almost all character in Mahabharatham has this great character i.e Keeping up their words. Starting from Bheeshma to Duryodhana, everyone has kept their words. The one character which stays right from start to end of Mahabharatham is Bheeshma. Bheeshma never fails to keep up his words, whatever the critical situation it is. The major plan of Saguni would be to make Bheeshma commit himself with words. So everyone in Mahabharatham has Kept their words.

Keeping up the words is a simple thing but a difficult task to follow. In the current scenario, Are we keeping up our words is the biggest question. If a person keeping up his words, that brings trust in that person. In everyday life, trust is one major factor that develops him to grow to the next level. And it is not an easy task.

So, Keep up your words to make others trust you!

If you are having one friend, then let the friend be like Karna

One of the most favorite characters in Mahabharatham is Karnan. There is no such friendship one can portray like Karna. The unconditional support which Karna gives to Dhuryodhana can sometimes even make us angry that being a good man in character, why did Karna join the bad team. It’s only for one reason. i.e friendship. Duryodhana’s weapon is Karna’s friendship.

In this today so-called digital world, we all are connected 24/7.
The number of digital friends has been keeping on increasing. But the number of loyal friends has been decreasing. In today’s world, no one can be like Karna. Even we don’t want any of our friends to sacrifice his life for us. But is your friend available with you in your difficult times? And that is what is needed.

Having 100’s of friends digitally doesn’t matter. Having one friend who is there for you in your difficult times is enough. So have one friend like Karna, you will be blessed throughout your life.


Life lessons in Mahabharatham are going to endless. As I told earlier, this is going to be a series of Blogs. So, for the next life lessons, stay tuned…