Origin of Being karthik

Origin of Beingkarthik is so special to me !

It was not a overnight thought. It’s origin is a history. From Oct 2016 to today, it was story of myself learning and evolving.

 Starting point: 

Oct 2016, I started a free blog named rkroffical. I started this blog just to kill away some time and I am not the person who frankly share my thoughts. I have no idea what blogging is all about, just googled how to share away thoughts , got some thing about wordpress and started my blog –rkrofficial

My first blog in rkrofficial –Fish tank, yes that’s where it started, has no content, no meaning to it. I have no idea what was running in my mind at that point of time and what made me to publish a post without any content. But still I manage to shared that post in social media and to my suprise people really appreciate me for starting a blog. They appreciate me for starting something fresh.

These appreciation gave me some moral boast and I started writing more. But at this point of time, I have never took a minute to understand how to blog or blogging. When some thoughts strike me, I use to open wordpress, start writing and clicking the publish button. No research, no backup , no structure , nothing. My blogs were like having a  chat with a friend. It was inappropriate.

 But, what motivated me to write? 

I am aware that my blog quality was not good. But still I get motivated to write blog. I was consistent.One reason is my blog followers. (Mostly friends and family members). People started realising me by rkrofficial. Once a friend of friend (whom I have never spoken before) talk to me about my blog. This feel great and rewarding.

With these rewards, I have written almost 28 blogs. The beauty here is still, even after writing 28 blogs, I didn’t take a moment to learn about blogging or blog. I was assuming that I am doing great work and continue it. I never took a moment to learn or correct myself. But everything changed….

 The Change Moment: 

I completed 28 blogs, also successfully completed a blog series named 10 things to follow, and then started a new year 2018..

With everything happened positively, my close friend, (who is the pillar of making me starting rkrofficial and now for beingkarthik and for all decision in life), tells me that none of my blogs inspires him. He told me that your words and you don’t match. You speak something and do something. He also took a moment to show me what type of blog inspire him. Initially,his words boosted my anger. When I started rkrofficial, he told the same thing.I thought he may be right, because I assumed that it would be too early for me to pickup and did not take his words seriously. But even after completion of 28 blogs, he feels the same, then that is the moment I realise that there is genuine problem with my blog.

Yes, He is right!

Yes, my words doesn’t match my actions. It was not me…I speak about one and do other.I was writing, just for the sake of writing.

His words changed me. I didn’t change completely, but atleast tried to change myself. I started following other bloggers, I started posting on the content which I love, I started realising my mistakes and find a way to correct it, I started more of being me.

Yes rkrofficial started becoming beingkarthik !

(I could have unveil my friend name here, but I want a perfect moment to unveil it and I am sure it’s not today!)

 No Advice, rather speak Experience 

My friend also told me that when you share your experiences along with your thoughts, people feel more connected. I was evaluating myself that till date I was sharing advices.But why do people need to take my advice? And everywhere they are hearing advices and I don’t want them to burden more by my advices.I arrive at an conclusion that People don’t like advices rather they like experiences. I started sharing my experiences. And I am happy that it works. Even till date in rkrofficial,  An artist in me blog get more view count than any other blog which I have ever written. Till 2018, there were just 5 followers (apart from friends & Collegues), but by end of June I end up with 28 followers. I know this stats is. incomparable with all the great bloggers out there. But for me its just great and it all changed with my friend words telling me to share experience rather advices.

My 50th blog speaks about Mistake I learnt from my 49 blogs, has alone gained me 7 followers. When a fellow bloggers feel that my experiences is helping them, then that is the proudest moment for me.

 Step ahead 

So, Rkrofficial is going good and climbing. But why I need to close rkrofficial and make beingkarthik? That too, when the followers are increasing, it would be a bad decision to do so.But, few of the mistakes which I learnt from myself, when enquiring with fellow bloggers is owning a domain and choosing a right name for blog.I don’t feel rkrofficial is the right name of my blogs.And above all I don’t feel more of me through rkrofficial.

Hence, beingkarthik is created.

Beingkarthik is not a dream come true moment

Instead it is step ahead towards my dream!


I have decided to take my learning in past, implement in present and enjoy my future. Beingkarthik will strive in all possible way to improve, evolve and impact some person lives. (without forgetting the end goals in mind)

Being karthik is so special to me !!