Reflect back the year 2018!

Happy New Year 2019.

The new year is always special. It’s special because it is one day where a lot of memories, happenings of past year run through our mind. You get to reflect yourself what you have achieved, learned and most importantly how you have cope up with your life.

This blog is all about me. What I have conquered, what I have missed, my mistakes, my learnings, my accomplishments etc.. Yes. It’s time for me to reflect back the year 2018 !!

Jan’18 – Reunion

Friendship gets stronger when both the sides realize the importance each other in their absence. That is what has happened to me and my friends. There was some misunderstanding in the past where eventually mistake is from my side. This mistake has made for a major gap in our friendship for almost more than a 6 months.

Jan’18 made that Reunion to happen. Jan 25-29, we three meet again each other. And what’s more special is firstly we are meeting after a breakup and secondly my friends are visiting my newly bought home. Since I could not invite my friends for house warming ceremony I canceled all my major plans for that ceremony. Finally, a day has arrived where my friends are visiting my house. It was mixed emotions for all three of us.

One more memorable pic added to my diary !

Each and every happening on three days (Jan 26-29)are running in my mind when I am typing this statement. Also this reunion has introduced me a new friends Bharath and Meghna, who are still staying as a friend to me. Such great memories to add to my diary.

Feb’18 – Strong Decision

In my corporate life, something was not working right. It has been nearly 5 years of my work tenure in Mahindra. I was happy but something was not working my way. I started questioning myself whether is this my passion? Is this what I want to be? The team which I worked in Mahindra is so vibrant and energetic which always motivated me to move further. But I feel something is missing. I think..think..think and just get stressed out.

This stress has affected both my work and personal life. Then after several discussion with my friends and deep thinking, I have strongly decided to leave my job.

I attend several interviews in the same core which I studied and worked. But when I get rejected in few of these interviews, I get to know that time is teaching me something else. It is telling me to go and explore my passion.

I applied my resignation to 23.2.2018. It’s Friday. And my team was not expecting it to come. I told my colleagues in Mahindra that I am going to explore my passion and going to work in the advertising agency. But the truth is I didn’t have any job in hand. I was just about to start my first step towards my passion.

Situations have made me quit the job. Many people is not happy with this decision. Some even laughed. Some criticized.

But inner heart says me that to take me this decision. And I took it. Till date, I never regret that decision made.

Mar’18 – Old me in New Life

So now, I am in the notice period. As long as you are the employed in a company the respect you receive from everyone will drastically change when you are in a notice period. One of my great life experience is that if you resign a job then go out of a company as early as possible. Don’t think that you are in a notice period and you can enjoy all day. It’s is not true.

But I didn’t take it up to my head and I slowly started taking a step ahead towards my passion for graphic design. I made all my plans of how I am going to shape my new career. I have my friends to guide me and parents to support me. So all I have to do sit, relax and concentrate on my learnings. I got this point so clear.

The way I studied for my board exams in high school in a similar way I studied again. I never studied that great in college. But now my passion made me do it. I love the way I am. I can figure out my old me in my new life.

Apr’18 – Unforgettable day in my life

13.4.2018. Last day in my first job. I got in Mahindra via campus interview. But I didn’t get it that easy. I got rejected almost in 14 companies to get into Mahindra. First few years in Mahindra was tough. But then things get normal. When I moved into the new team and shifted back to Chennai, no one would be much happier than me. I feel I was so lucky and felt my life is settled.

But we never know when things take a shift. And now I am on the last day of Mahindra. I had the best send off and this send-off will be always special and unforgettable in my life.

special gift from my collegues.

And I know that corporates have many ups and down. Many politics, ego’s, clashes and so on. But the team which I am is one of the best team and I can proudly saying that if today I can confidently chasing my dream it means my team at Mahindra is also equally responsible. I will always respect them.

13.4.2018- My father birthday, Tamil New year and my last day in Mahindra, where I am leaving the gate without any job. But as a confident individual who is ready to chase his dreams. Definitely an unforgettable day in my life.

May’18 – I am surprised of me

I always thought that I become lazy and had fear of how I am going to cope up with my passion. I had doubts about me. But all these doubts are just cleared by the way I learn and progress towards my passion. I am surprised of me.

I started creating mobile wallpapers design, school ID cards, Hotel posters, Logo designs and so on.

I am surprised by the fact that I don’t know any single word about graphic design before Apr’18, but now on May’18, I am designing kinds of stuff for others. I feel so happy for myself. And I liked the way my plans are working.

I learn. I practice and then repeat. I get familiar with Adobe Illustrator. I never know that so many useful tutorials kinds of stuff are available on Youtube. Previously I used to watch youtube for only movie trailers or songs or any motivational video. But now my most youtube recommendation is filled graphic design tips and tricks, adobe tutorials and so on. All these videos amazed me and motivated me to learn more. Also, I started reading many books and published my first project in Behance. Started seeking more design inspiration from things around me, person around me and this entire world.

But one thing I missed during my journey, I feel isolated to the outside world. I feel my laptop is my world. I get too deep into it. I started neglecting most of my friends and keep only closed one with me. I purposefully avoided many people. I missed a few moments.

Jun’18 – That Rs.1200/

I used to post my design in social media. This made my work recognized from a few people and I have been asked to design a logo or brochure or other kinds of stuff for their business.

Initially, I was doing it for free of cost. The reason is that I know I am a beginner and I am not confident enough to ask any friend or friend of the friend to pay me for my work.

But later I learned one more important lesson in my life i.e If you are good at something, then never do it for free. The charge may be little. But this charge will make us work more. The mindset of work which we do when we are doing for free and charged will be completely different. Even from the client point of view, they prefer the work needs to be charged. The best in you can be extracted only when something is chargeable.

This is the logo-Chess codes-which i have designed for my client where I earned Rs.1200/- A special memorable amount for me.

So then I started charging and I got my first Rs.1200/- for my logo design

Jul ’18 – Being Karthik Launched!

I was blogging from Oct’2016 onwards. The rebranding of my blog, owning my own domain is a long time thought. Finally, I have decided to exetcute it.

Also, I feel this is the right time to execute it. I scratch my head for what name to choose. Initially, I had but due to some reason, I ignore it. Then I had but that domain was already taken. But finally, my friend figured out this name.

Finally, Beingkarthik launched on Aug 1st. Before launching this website I showed this to my two of my friends and my parents.

My friends made me a point clear what is the actual purpose of the blog.

My father told me one solid advice which comes to my mind every time when I press the publish button. He told just think several times before posting. Incase my writing will has a single negative influence on any person then it is better not to post it. He also told me to be careful.

These words are what made me be serious about blogging and I am sure I did justice to these words.

Aug’18 – Special Birthday

Entire August month will always be special in each year. The reason is my close friend Dhachi Birthday.

First 15 days will go as fast as the jet since I am going to meet him and next 15 days will be dead slow that why does that moment end. The entire month my thought will be filled with Dhachi ..Dhachi and Dhachi only. Right from Aug 1st, my mind will start recollecting the moments spend with him.

And this year Aug’18 it is much more special because for the last year 2017 due to some misunderstanding I went to Hyderabad for his birthday and came back without seeing him. Those misunderstanding wiped off on Jan’18 itself but still the fear, happiness or whatever you name it, all my emotions are at the peak during this month.

I was still focussing on my passion and blogging but top notch was enjoying and spending time with him. I started planning for the gift before a months time and by Aug 5th my gift is ready and can’t wait for days to pass to handover to him.

This is Scrapbook which I have gifted him for his birthday. A very special. I enjoyed the entire making process of this gift.

Aug 10 to Aug 20… Solid 10 days I spend time with friends. The most beautiful days filled with mixed feelings. Some didn’t happen as planned. Dhachi has got lot many friends and he has equally had to spend most of the time with them also. I missed the moments which I had with him before 2 years on his birthday. But whatever it is, in the end, I was happy.

Some moments can’t be explained. Just can be felt !

Whenever I visit Hyderabad I get to collect a lot many special moments. And these moments stay in my heart forever. If you ask me which is the one day which you feel happy in this entire year, then it would be Aug 15th. Because it is my friend birthday.

The best moments in every month can change when year pass by. But in August always my best moment would be his birthday.

Sep ’18 – First Book published!

I had this plan long back to write and publish my first book. I am a huge fan of Robin Sharma book and I have written the contents of my book earlier. But I am not clear how I should design a book, how to publish it was not clear.

Then when I started my journey of graphic design, I get to learn Adobe InDesign. And I thought why not design our first book in InDesign. It will help me in practicing the software and at the same time, my book will also be ready.

Things happen as planned and Meghna is the one who helped me proofreading and my friends Dhachi and tv helped in critiquing certain aspects of the book. I am so happy for myself publishing my first book.

I made teaser video, promoted its social media, made a separate page for the book and so on.

The feeling which you receive when you get your first book in hand is so special. When you see your book listed in Amazon or Flipkart authored by your name will bring you some sort of happiness which is not comparable with any other.

There are few other moments happen in this year. Some things have gone as per my plan. Some didn’t. I screw up certain things and learned a lot of life.

Oct’18 – Stressed?

Toughest month this year.

My book reach is not so good. I have ordered 50 copies and courier it my friends and relatives whom I am closed with. Personally, I visited certain friends and hand over the book.

Some of the friends, sister read my book and share their views. I felt so happy when such things happen. But it is only one or two of them. More than 80% of my person whom I have send the book has not replied with even thanks. I have asked them to do a favor of writing review in the Amazon or Flipkart. But not the single one has bothered doing it.

I went and approach nearby bookstore to place my book. But they rejected it. I asked books geeks for review. Their reply is just silence. I even approached Cafe coffee day, Naturals salon to place my books in their shelf so a customer can read during the waiting time. They too have rejected.

I was literally tired of promoting it. And things don’t happen in my way. Till date, just 7 copies sold and in that 2 copies will be my Friend (Dhachi & TV)

It is really a hard feeling when your efforts are not recognized. But leaving this aside I can only convince me by telling that I am proud that I have my own book listed on Amazon or Flipkart. When any guest arrives at home, I will hand over a copy of my book and they will appreciate my efforts. That 2 minutes of happiness is what I got from this book.

When this is happening in one side, it has been nearly 6 months from the day I started my journey of passion. The final PP amount which I have received when leaving Mahindra is slowly wiping off warning me that I should get my job asap.

When the amount gets lower and lowers the fear automatically climb us. So many thoughts running on the mind. My creative flair is slowly reducing because I am stressed, my focus towards my learning is also not clear and portfolio is still not ready.

The time duration which I told my parents for a study is almost over. I was still sitting in the same chair and table in front of my laptop which I use to sit 3 months earlier. Earlier I felt energized and vibrant when I sit here. But now I am feeling tired. I questioned myself again and again whether I am in the right track or not? I was getting demotivated in all means.

My only motivation and hope are my friends. Overall Oct’18 is the toughest month this year. At the same time, I learned many about life this month.

Self-reflections helped me to break the boundary and stay motivatated.

Nov’18 – Dhachi got engaged !!

11.11.2018- Dhachi got engaged. 9 years of love. Both are my friends. They are engaged with the mutual agreement between both their families. What else is needed than these moments?

A long-awaited moment in my life. I went home for Diwali. But all my thoughts are about his engagement. I was never happy before. This happiness transformed me again and all the stress I had on October month has just wiped off. So many moments happened on these days. These moments can’t be shared just be felt.

Again I feel energized and with this same energy, I got a spark about my portfolio. To my surprise, I made my portfolio within a weeks time. My November end my online portfolio is also ready and I am ready to apply for the job.

Dec’18 – Portfolio. Rejection and Finally Job

By November end my portfolio is ready and I applying for a job. Few companies called, spoken and rejected. Few interviews ended with rejection. I didn’t put any extra effort into how to crack the interview. Instead I just tried to be who I am and decided to speak fully about my passion and what my heart says.

I was very clear not to show a false impression of me an interview. Even if I got rejected I don’t feel for it. Immediately started searching for other. And I have a great confident on me and my passion.

This process goes on for a few days. Some rejected because my design is too basic and some rejected because of fewer experiences. Some are even shocked that it would difficult for a person to deal with a startup who has worked in corporates. But I just ignore all my negatives around me and take only what is required for me. Started applying via all means. Started handing over my portfolio to a few of my friends and friends of friends. Applied on LinkedIn, angelist and so on.

And finally, I got a job at Startup Omnia Digital as Junior graphic designer. This is what I have waited.

Leaving Mahindra jobless, entering into a completely different stream which is nowhere connected to my engineering or my corporate work, Self-study for 6 months, build my portfolio and finally got a job. At times I am really proud of what I have accomplished so far. This all was possible because of two things. Firstly because of Passion. Secondly, because I had a friend who can guide me and parents who can understand me.

17.12.2018- Joined Omnia Digital. When I pulled out the door and enter the company, only one thing for running in my mind. i.e It’s just a beginning and long way to go!

Thanks, 2018 for the lessons you thought me in a school of life.

Finally, let me conclude with this is the one quote which motivated me throughout 2018. i.e

“ It’s is always better to fail after trying than failing to try !”

I took a challenge of reading 25 books in 2018. I have completed only 17. But that’s ok. If I have not undertaken that challenge of 25, then I would have ended up in just 1 or 2 books.

I took a major step to resign my much-valued core automobile job and moved completely into a different stream of Graphic design. It’s high risk and what I am earning now is far less than what I earned as trainee in Mahindra. But that’s ok. If I have not thought of trying this decision then I am not just killing my passion but also my happiness.

So if you ask me what you are going to do in 2019? Then my answer is simple. That I am just going to follow the same mantra which worked in 2018. i.e “ I am going to keep on trying ”

What are your reflections of 2018? How was the previous year and what is the plan for 2019? Share in the comment section below.