Reflecting 2019!

Happy 2020! It’s time to reflect 2019! 

The new year is always special. It is one day in every year where we all start fresh again like we are just born just today. We get a chance to improve & praise ourselves by reflecting on our happenings last year. 

This blog is all about me & my reflection on the last year 2019.

So let’s begin!

2019 is one year that will be always close to my heart. Just because of one simple reason, this is the year where I identify my life partner ! Yes. I found my everlasting love this year!

Apart from this, there are so many close to my heart moments on 2019 like my close friend got married, I got engaged, I enjoy my new work in my new core which I adventured, I met my sister after 2 years, my sister was blessed with second baby boy and so on..

Jan 2019- New.New & New!

New job, new atmosphere, new friends & new life. Life gets so busy & tough. I have traveled around 40 km to my company. And also I was finding it nearly hard to cope with a new way of working.

But still, I enjoy my work just because now I was doing what I wanted to do.

Feb 2019- Life’s great lesson!

Life gets tougher when there becomes a need for money and you started to realize how hard it would be when you suddenly drop from your comfort zone to normal zone.

My salary was not sufficient to match my comfort zone. I have count each and every penny before spending it.

But this is the month where I started to realize how carefree I am in spending money. It has completely changed the way I spent. I avoided unnecessary billings. If this need for money has not occurred, then I would still be carefree in spending for my comforts. Now I know what to spend and not what to spend. A great lesson that I learned this month.

Mar 2019- Dhachi got married!

This was the month I was longing for so long time. Yes, my close friend getting married!. 10 years of love, getting married with a mutual understanding of both families is enough to portray how matured they both are. I enjoy this month completed leaving all my issues with company apart.

We did marriage shopping together. The night where dhachi tortured me for just his invitation is really unforgettable. It’s always fun when we sit together for design.

For nearly a week, I took off and I was there right from the start of his marriage. In these years of friendship, for the first time, I visited his home. Best home ever! My mom and dad visited his marriage. It was an unforgettable week in this year!

Life’s best moment is when I see my friend tie a knot to his wife. I could see her mom crying in tears. And without my realization, even tears were trying hard to come out from my eyes and I was controlling it so hard. But why I have to cry? Still no idea. But it was a beautiful feeling and Life’s best moment. It even made me realize how much I value our friendship. 

Apr 2019- Mixed Feelings

My friend got married and something was running inside my heart. I got some mixed feelings. I am his close friend and he was mine. But something stopped me even to text him. Something was running in mind whether I could text him now? Will his wife will get angry with me? So many such silly feelings. But later on, I get used to it and become matured enough to handle such situations. This entire month pass on with this mixed feelings.

May 2019- A usual birthday

Only thing I remember this birthday was my mom and dad visited and I solid spend three days with my family. We went to so many temples and it was again blessed moment in my life.

Also, I remember that I called dhachi this time and told him that today is my birthday and ask him to wish me. I was upset a bit but turned out to be a fun!

Jun 2019- Marriage fever begins!

Yes, Marriage fever begins. My Family was in full-fledged searching a bride for me. I am lucky that they can choose the right partner for me in a short span of time. Also I had zero expectations and may be that would be the reason.

One day a family member from the bride’s side visited our home and they saw me for the first time. They are so simple in the way they look and speak. I was impressed with them on the first look. My mom was showing me the bride’s photo and I was quite adamant not to see the photo and see her for the first time when we met. My family was so confused and they are not sure whether I really liked her. But I was very much satisfied with her and her family and in deep inside the heart, I was waiting for the moment to see her.

Jul 2019- I met her!

8th July 2019. I met her for the first time and I liked her on the first look.
It was just a short span of 20 minutes. But this is the one moment where I will always wish to happen in slow motion.

Even when writing these words, I could picturize what exactly happen on that day. What words I spoke to her for the first time, what words she spoke to me, how both of our families become one, how we could understand the bonding of each other in just a few minutes and so many.

I wish to write everything here, but few things are always meant to keep personal. So I wish to write but I won’t. 

Mounica was her name and I use to call her Mouni! The entire year of 2019 can be divided into before and after Mouni! She changed my day today activities. She bought me so much positive vibe around me even without my realization. I got a complaint from my friend that my phone is almost engaged most of the time. I even got caught by texting a message which I was supposed to send to Mouni to Dhachi!. It was fun!

Aug 2019- Special Birthday & Left Job!

Even though my texting and interaction with my friends got reduced, I can’t skip and never skip a day in a year,which is, Dhachi Birthday. As usual, I went to his home. This is the first birthday where Dhachi is celebrating with us &  Lavanya (Dhachi’s Wife). We enjoyed it simply by playing in house games. Lavanya made a special treat for us. I was so happy to see both of them together. Their bonding between both is so special.

Also soon after Dhachi birthday, I left my job. Things get worse in a job and I was even struggling hard to get my salary. It was tough and not so secure with the job. I even started doubting my passion for my work. So without any second thought, I left my job at a faster pace and got a new job!

Both on the special moments and on the saddest moments,  Mouni was there to support me and our life goes on so well! She makes me feel special every day. And I am sure not a single day I missed to hear her voice!

Sep 2019- Engaged!

1st Sep’2019. I met her again and we got engaged!. It has been after two months since I met her. And the day we both are longing for has arrived.

It was a special feeling! My gifts, her gifts, Sharing a chocolate, repeated and tiring photographs, my friends mocking me for something, having lunch together… so many things started running off my mind. Such a beautiful moment. Everlasting memory forever! Also our marriage date was finalized to Jan 31st, 2020!. 

September month was so special not only because we got engaged, but also because I enter into a new job. New Job, new friends, new boss. I am getting used to it. My first impression with the company was so satisfying, just because of the respect I get. Everyone respected me and I was so happy with it!.

Oct 2019- 100 days of love!

I should say that we (Me and Mouni) are so lucky that we got enough days to interact with, understand each other before marriage. I am still not sure how much I understand her, but she understands me to the core. Her world is me!

To my surprise one day she made a whatsApp status wishing us 100 days of love. I feel so special on that day. One person who is thinking of you round the clock, caring for you, feeling her world is only me is something so special. That day taught me so many things to me. I made up my mind that I am not sure whether I can be so caring like her. But I should at least be 50% of her. My Career, Passion, Family & Friends, all are important. But they should be kept as second and she should be the first. Trusting someone blindly deserves so much love. And I must try to show that much love for her!

Nov 2019- Busy & Sick!

I got busy with so many works. I was involved so much in the company in one of the project. I put my soulful effort to deliver it right. But things don’t end up in your way. And it made me upset. This also taught me not to get too much involved in any of the projects. Consider everything as same and do the best work that you used to do for all.

I also feel a bit sick and I was low this month. A bit stressed due to overwork.

Dec 2019- Finally I met my sister

After two years, I am meeting my sister. And this time, it was even more special because I meeting my sister 2nd baby for the first time. It was a beautiful feeling when you are longing to meet someone and you met them. Just that small smile from the baby made me forget anything. I even thought I could go along with my sister to my native. But I can’t and I went and spend time on the weekend.

I called my friends to Chennai and did my marriage shopping. I was again a fun moment.

Overall this year end up on a nice note. Though I was stressed out & tiring in my job, the time I spend with family is like an energy boost for me.


Thanks 2019, for motivating me to try out new things and teaching me the most important lesson in the school of my life.

I planned for so many things to be done in 2019. I planned to write so many blogs. I planned to read so many books. I plan to start something challenging on YouTube. I planned to wake up early, make my breakfast on my own. I plan to go for a morning walk. I plan to learn a lot of software in my interest. But things don’t go as per my plan. In spite, I couldn’t do anything as per my plan. But I feel everything is ok and I am never going to regret it.

Because only in 2019 I can say, I spend most of the time with family. I met my life partner and there is hardly one or two days where I didn’t hear her voice. One minute of hearing her voice every day makes me feel like I don’t need to care for other things. I start and end the day happy just because of her and I feel that is what most important in my life.

So, did 2019 go as per my plan? No. It did better than what I expected. In short I can say that I have attain a maturity level to differentiate what is more important in life and what is more essential in life.

Thank you 2019! You will always be remembered as one of the prized memories forever.

All set for 2020! It is just gonna be more lovely, more interesting and also more challenging! And I am ready for it!

Enjoy every moment! Happy 2020!

What are your reflections of 2019? How was the previous year and what is the plan for 2020? Share in the comment section below.