Sapiens-Breakdown: The Agricultural Revolution-Part 2

Is there one book which can give a complete insight into our history?

If yes, then the only answer would be Sapiens book.

Right from the way started roaming freely in this world in search for food to the way started roaming around this world in search of Business, everything is covered in this book.

It may change the perspective of our entire history which we have heard so far from our ancestors.

And most importantly this book will make you think how much we have lost for the sake of our own selfishness.

The book has been divided into 4 different categories

  1. The Cognitive Revolution
  2. The Agricultural Revolution
  3. The Unification of Humankind
  4. The Scientific Revolution

Let me try to breakdown each category with my own insights and thoughts. Let me make a point clear that this is not a review about this books. These are just my perceptions about this book.

This blog explains the second version of the Agricultural Revolution. Click here to read the first version of it.

Lets Begin

Romanticism Vs Consumerism

We are now attached to so many things. Each one has its own value. And some of the things help us to ease our work. But most of the things make destroy us.

We become too much dependent on things that make us addicted to it. For eg: cellphones. Oh sorry, I should mention it as smartphones. When mobiles are called cell phones, Humans are smart enough to handle it. But the moment when mobiles become smartphones, the phone have become smart to handle us.

Yes. Smartphones are indeed smarter than us just because we have become less smart. Or at least we realize that we are not smart enough.

But these addictions or let say attachments to the things started at agricultural revolution only. It gives rise to new terminology in the arena of Sapiens i.e Consumerism.

Consumerism tells us that in order to happy we must consume as many products and services as possible.”

At first, Wheat cultivated us by making us sit at one place and grow crops. Now after restricting our boundary to certain limits, Sapiens began to start searching for happiness.

And now they realize that Happiness can be bought by consuming fancy products. At that point of history, even pottery is considered as a fancy item. This keeps on happening and Sapiens began to acquire more and more things.

The simple life of Happiness is lost. Romantic consumerism is what happening today. And sadly there is only 10% of romance is present and balance 90% is for things and products around us only.

What did we lose?

Today we are surrounded by so many things. We make ourself attached too many things. At some point in time it’s good. It makes our life much easy. But the most important thing we lose here is the terms Happiness itself is redefined because of consumerism.

Now people go for a vacation to many places around the world. Thanks for connectivity all over the world and the wide range of tourism. But why do we go? To spend time Happily with our family. Our Kids wants us to take them somewhere, our life partner wants to take them somewhere. And for us, we need to get relief for our regular day job and spend time leisurely in some places. But whether vacation makes us happy?

Yes of course it does. But the same happiness can be achieved by taking our kid along with our wife in a morning walk. A simple way of achieving happiness is lost once we start consuming more and more product. Even Vacation, tour package, travel everything is one or other way related to consumerism only.

Why not take an off from the regular day job, throw all the things or products around you and spend a day only with your closed one? Just speak, play, share or anything else. Will that not give you more happiness than the fancy travel to tourist places?

Simple life of Happiness is lost. And it is not new. It all starting in the Agricultural revolution only.

Invention of Writing

This chapter surprises me. And I am sure that I am one among many.

I was under the belief that initially writing was invented by poets to write their own poem. There are so many kinds of literature available and there are so many in-depth analyses happened in this literature by an archeologist. But nowhere I came to know about this fact.

And the fact is…

Writing is invented to avoid the mental limitation of Sapiens. It was invented to record the payment of taxes and ownership of property.

When Sapiens become attached to one particular land, there comes a problem that no one else should state that it is their land. So ownership of land must be documented. Initially, it was all kept in the mind of an accountant. But how data he can keep on mind?

Also now as farmers, Sapiens has to keep count on the numbers. Early forgers or hunter-gathers has no need to worry about numbers. They are not worried about how many fruits grow on this plant. But now it is not the case. They have to monitor it. So there comes a mental limitation and Writing was invented.

It was first invented by Sumerians, somewhere in Mesopotamia.

What did we lose?

I personally feel that we didn’t lose much by an invention of writing. It clearly states that humans minds are limited to store information. So to overcome that limitation writing was invented. If so there is no writing today, then our life will be much more complicated.

So the invention of writing is the best part which the Agricultural revolution has produced.

Also, it clearly conveys has one more life statement that whenever there are some limitations, to overcome that limitation, we, humans come up with a bang on solutions. And for that, we must be really proud of it.

But the sad part is now writing has converted to typing. Even I feel guilty that I do a lot of typing. Even this blog is typed and not written.

I questioned me when I wrote last time. And it was somewhere at a bank before 15 days while filling a challan. We forget our writing skills once we are done with High school. The greatest invention of Sapiens is slowly detonating and very soon like the extinction of so many species, writing may also we become extinct. Hope that doesn’t happen…


Racism, Castism, Religion, Myth, Discrimination, poverty what else you can name it.. everything started here…

So far when Sapiens are killing animals and eating their meal, they did not arouse anyone that this meal belongs to me and you should not touch it. It is my prey. No. Never.

They hunted in the group. Stayed in a group. Eat in a group. Laugh, play everything in a group. Even there was an occasional fight or difference of opinions during their gossiping time, they stay united and some or other way hunting united them. If they are not staying united, then there is a high chance of them getting killed. But the agricultural revolution changed it completely.

Sapiens are left with no other choice when they get attached to their land. Unjust discrimination started creeping over people and then to societies and then transformed intonations.

Black and whites, Male and female, rich and poor, everything starts happening for sapiens.

There is often a question arises in all our mind that if God has created everyone equally, why do some are rich and some or poor? Why do some fly and some struggling to walk? Why do some are born with a silver spoon and some get killed even before they born?

Answer his simple. Sapiens are equal. Until discrimination happens, everything changes. If you are poor today, getting offended by your race or caste it is just because your ancestors have not questioned the one who discriminated you during that revolution. Sadly it even continues today.

Gender Bias

Same in a case for Gender.

Gender is a race in which some of the runners compete only for the bronze medal.

We all praise and compare women with gods. And we even call the days of women locked indoors has gone. Yes, it is true. But still they are getting offended and aroused

It showcases the stupidity of all sapiens and various kingdoms to treat women just a sexual appetite. They are so many kingdoms which praise queens in their heads. But the same kingdom will have plenty of girls to serve for the sexual interest of King and his officials is the sad part.

Today, when Women are breaking the barrier and doing wonders really, makes us proud. We are far better than early sapiens. We have learned to respect all people equally. But still as on wider picture we are not matured enough.

What did we lose?

Discrimination- A cruel term which is still prevailing even after billions of years afterward. When Obama becomes a first Black president in the US. The whole nation has relooked ourselves and we told that the world has changed. Now there is no chance of racism or discrimination here.

But when did that happen?

Somewhere in the 21st century. Agricultural revolution was 12000 years before the 21st century. And only in the 21st century, there is little confidence that discrimination is gone.

So is there anything else I need to portray here on what we lose?

Agree that day is past are bad and good times are constantly coming for us. But if such concept like discrimination, racism or gender bias was not invented, then, we sapiens would be in a much better position than today.


If you ask me what change happen due to agricultural revolution is that Sapiens has searched for Luxuries to improve their Life. But sadly those search for luxuries becomes their necessities and today we can’t live without it.

But leaving this apart, this revolution has done so many good factors too.

There where times when Sapiens worried whether they could get a single food for a day. And today we did worry about what food to take every day. That is the revolutionary change which the Agricultural revolution has bought us.

However, if Sapiens didn’t search for Luxuries and try adopting a simple way of life which they had during cognitive revolution along with the knowledge acquired by Farming and other practices we would be in much better position than today.

To be continued….