Sapiens: Unification of Humankind (Money & Culture)

Is there one book which can give a complete insight into our history, our evolution, money factor, unification of humans and science?

If yes, then the only answer would be Sapiens book.

Right from the way started roaming freely in this world for search of food to the way we started roaming around this world in search of Business, everything is covered in this book.

It may change the perspective of our entire history which we have heard so far from our ancestors.

And most importantly this book will make you think how much we have lost for the sake of our own selfishness.

The book has been divided into 4 different categories

  1. The Cognitive Revolution
  2. The Agricultural Revolution
  3. The Unification of Humankind
  4. The Scientific Revolution

Let me try breakdown each category with my own insights and thoughts. Let me make a point clear that this is not a review of these books. These are just my perceptions about this book.

This blog speaks about the first version of The Unification of Humankind. Prefer reading earlier revolution of my blogs to catch up the flow of it.

Let us Begin.

A rise of Culture:

Agriculture revolution made sapiens from roaming around to stick to one place and built the locality. Locality becomes a community, then community becomes an empire. Many new empires arise in all part of the world. All these empires have their own set of principles. A new culture of unity is formed.

But these culture made sapiens strongly to cooperate within their locality or community. They trade within themselves. They developed their skills and knowledge. But however, it has been restricted to certain boundaries. The thought about exploring the new world and a new culture has been in existence for all sapiens. But they want a stronger material of trust.

And so they developed a useless thing, which we all value much today. i.e Money.

The scent of Money:

Until this time, sapiens traded with other people just with random objects. If a pottery person needs some bread from a baker, he handles pottery to another person and in return, he gets some bread. Exchange of stuff happens only with the material. They are longing for some unique trustworthy element which is common for all and that is why Money was developed.

Money = Trust

Money was developed because it is the only raw material where one person can trust other person. And so they can reach a large number of experts.

Money is universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised. It has bought many good things for us. It has unified our Mankind.

Money is only a trust system created by humans that can bridge almost any culture gap, and that does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, race, age or sexual orientation. Money is recognized universally. It has the potential for universal convertibility and trust.

Universal convertibility: with money as an alchemist, you can turn land into loyalty, justice into health and violence into knowledge.

Universal Trust: with money as a go-between, any two people can cooperate on any subject.

Gospel of Gold

Each and every civilization has adopted its own monetary system. Mediterranean countries have one way, China has its own way and India has their own way.

These different monetary system has been a problem for one civilization and greater benefits of others. Some use silver, bronze or gold as a monetary system, some use just cowry shells.

Some merchants traveling from India and the Mediterranean would notice the difference and power of Indian Gold. They know the value of it rather than Indians. In order to make a profit, they would buy gold cheaply in India and sell it clearly in the Mediterranean.

What do we lose?

Just like the.two sides of the coin, the head and the tails, the impact of money on people, also has a positive and negative.

Positively, it is only because of money the gap between various culture, various people have been reduced. Money naturally develops trust in someone.

But later on, it becomes that this trust is so materialistic. The inner feeling of Human is getting lost because of Money. How many of us have encountered a situation where a relationship happens only for money? In a few cases, marriages are even considered a Business partnership. We get so very carried away with the Money stuff.

Harsh effects of Money

If so this scent of money wasn’t developed, we would be still be trading with our skills and our growth would be limited. But our happiness would never be lost.

Now that is not the case. Money can never buy happiness. And the expectation of Money never gets a stop once we start earning it. If we are staying in a rented flat, our expectation comes to own a home. We work hard and own a home, then our expectation comes to own a bungalow. It keeps building on and there is never an end to it.

There are some people who’ve got the amount of money more than they need. They have two choices in life, let them control themselves, or let money control them. In some cases, it is the latter. There are people who actually think highly of themselves just because they are a lot of zeros in his or her bank accounts. There are people who just couldn’t step on the ground and treat others like they’re unworthy Humans. Arrogance has taken over their minds because of money, and it just never turns out so well.

People who have a lot of money, tend to have a hard time dealing with people. Initially, money was developed as an element of trust and bridge gap among two people. But now you see, there are people out there, who will judge you just because you have money. The conflict between the people around is just endless, unpredictable, and unstoppable.


There are certain priceless things. Few civilizations back, human communities and families have been based on belief in priceless things, such as honor, loyalty, morality, and love. Even if the market offers a good price certain things just aren’t done.

But now it is not the case. We do not trust the stranger or the next-door neighbour. We trust on the coin they hold. As money brings down the community, religion, and state, the world is in danger of becoming one big and a rather heartless marketplace.

Money can make the world go round. But it must not take control of people’s lives. It has its good sides and bad sides, but it is always up to you which path you are going to choose.

To be continued…