Sea Shell Museum- An Untouched Paradise

Sea Shell Museum- An Untouched Paradise

What comes to your mind when we ask about Mahabalipuram?

  • Exotic beaches…
  • Or Seafood…
  • Or the Shore temple…
  • Or Five Rathas…
  • Or the view from the Lighthouse…

All these above stated are the most famous places to visit in Mahabalipuram. Each place has its specialty.

But did you that Asia Largest Sea Shell Museum is available in Mahabalipuram?

Have you at least heard about it?

Yes. It’s true. We all as a Tamilians & as an Indian should take pride in ourself that such a big record of Asia Largest Seashell Museum belong to us and it is located in Mahabalipuram.

How many times we all have been to Mahabalipuram? But so far we have not heard about it? Even I do felt guilty that I have missed witnessing such a beautiful museum for these many years.

I visited this museum last week and I can say that I have not witnessed any such thing earlier.

A couple of question running in my mind before visiting this museum. Like…

  • A museum for just seashell?
  • How big it can be?
  • Whether we will not get bored seeing the same seashell again and again?
  • Seashell is just a seashell, what is so different in that?
  • I have seen seashell in my native beach itself, why do I need to visit the seashell museum to see it?

But once you enter the museum, you get to forget anything. Of course, you need to have the patience to witness the beauty of nature. This museum is filled with art, passion, and hard work.

Man-Behind this Museum- Mr. Raja Mohammed

The one-man behind this success is Mr. Raja Mohammed. This man has turned down his hobby into a passion. And as a result, Asia Largest Seashell Museum is here… For 33 years, right from when he was 19 years old, he started collecting seashell all around the world and currently there is around 40,000 wide variety of seashell collected.

Interesting Facts

  • This Museum is India’s First Sea Shell Museum and Asia Largest Sea Shell Museum. Also, this is the World second largest Seashell Museum
  • The entire credits for this museum belong to One man – Mr. Raja Mohammed. His Passion of collection seashell study about it, exploring it is not an overnight success. It took 33 years for him to collect and set up this achievement
  • There is 40,000 seashell across countries present in this museum.
  • You can witness a giant 55cm seashell to world smallest seashell which will in microns.

    55cms Longest SeaShell

    Smallest Shells in Microns

  • Museum has 4 galleries and each has multiple collections of the seashell.
  • Breath Maria: Extinct Species of Seashell. Around the world only 4 pieces of these special seashells found. Not so sure about the age of this seashell, but it would be more than a century earlier. (Preserving till date needs an appreciation)

    Breath Maria- Oldest Seashell in this museum.

  • Each seashell has been named, country of origin and availability marked near to it. This will help Conchology (Study about Seashell) students. This museum is a kind of treasure which brings the hidden paradise under the ocean to the top of the world.

    Scientific Name, Common Name, Habitat – Listed for all SeaShell

Specialties of this Museum


Adorable Elevation with a SeaShell Fountain at Front

The first eye grabber is the elevation. It looks adorable without compromising the beauty of seashell. Defiantly one spot whereas a family we can take a group photo. So unique and innovative.

Cut Section of the Shells:

Cut Section view of Sea Shell

Wow! We will understand the beauty of nature here. Seeing the shell from inside gives us an entirely different perspective. It makes me wonder how this has been created. It’s so classy that you can’t take an eye from it.


I was under impression that seashell has a common two types of structures. One which we have seen in temple and the other one is the shell where a snail head piping out of it. But to my shock, there is the shell-like star, the transparent shell, the shell which is so fragile, the shell which looks just like paper, Heart-shaped, and so many. Wow! What nature a creation it was!

Cone Shaped SeaShells

Star Shaped SeaShells

Fragile Sea Shell

Heart Shaped SeaShells

Color, Texture & Patterns:

Vibrant colors & patters present in these Seashells

Each shell has its unique patterns, vibrant colors, and texture. We couldn’t touch the shells, but still, we could predict the texture based on the looks. Truly amazing!

QR Scanner:

QR scanner in every bay

Every bay has a QR code. On scanning it you are directed to the Wikipedia page or related document page in online about the shells. This may not be useful for all common tourist. But for students and for the person who is passionate about Seashell, this is truly an incredible source for information.

These are some of the unique things which attracted me to this museum.

Why Visit this Museum?

Finally, if I have to say what is the one thing for which I strongly recommend to visit this museum is because it acts as Inspiration.

Inspiration for Civil Engineers & Architect Designers

High Rise Tower Curvy Sea Shell

Look at this above shell. Does it not look like a building? What if a civil engineer sees this shell. This will inspire him to build him an innovative building. Do you know that even Burj Khalifa building is inspired by a flower called Hymenocallis. So why not this shell acts as an inspiration for another world-famous innovation building?

Inspiration for Strutural Engineers & Designers

Cut Section View of Different SeaShell

Look at this cut section view of the shell. Now all engineers are struggling hard for one common theme in all their products. i.e Light Weight and More stable. Why not take inspiration from this shell and adapt it in their products? Do you know right from Aerospace to home furniture, the Honeycomb structure is becoming more famous due to more stability and lightweight. So where does those inspiration come from? Honeycomb. Right. So definitely this cut section of seashell will act as a solution for many innovative products.

Inspiration for Graphic & Visual Designers

Natural Color Blended in Sea Shell

Look at this above shell. As a graphic designer, I can tell you that the color and pattern from nature cannot be matched will any of the Hexcode or RGB color palette. I came to know how color has blended so well with the pattern in this seashell here. When I design any poster or flyer or anything else, this color palette, gradient and pattern will come to mind and will use to enhance my design.

Little Pinch of Orange in outer edge at the Sea Shell

Another example to showcase richness in color from nature. Everything is white and there is a little pinch of Orange and yellow blended together and present rightly at the border. I will picture this in my mind and use it in my design.

Black Sea Shell

Or even this black shell. It’s so dark. It’s is not pure black. It’s kind of ash black where you can sense the rough texture above the shell. Definitely will act an inspiration for my design.

“ Inspiration is everywhere. The only thing you have to be looking”

This quotes exactly matches with the Sea Shell Museum. It Inspires every person across the field. It’s up to you to take it.


Thanks, Mr. Raja Mohammed to bring out your passion to inspire all of us. This museum will earn world-class recognition soon.

Sea Shell Museum- An Untouched paradise. Guys, next time when you visit Mahabalipuram, make an itinerary to add this museum to your list.