Simple productivity tips-Having routines and breaking it!

How many of us have regretted later in your life that I should have spent my time more effectively earlier, or I should have not wasted my time during those days or so on?

It is never late to be productive. Even now you can change your life and make it more productive. Living your life productive gives you a sense of happiness which is something special.

This blog is about the Productivity Tips which speaks about routines. In fact, this is just not about having routines but also breaking the routines.

 What is this? 

Routines are nothing but the set of the task which we practiced daily to improve our productivity in our day to day life. Having routines is good. Right from our early school days, we have grown up with practicing routines without our realizations.

But having routines alone will not serve the purpose. We should also learn to break the routines. Breaking routines will improve productivity 2x times than following a strict patterns routines day in and day out.

 How do we do it? 

Step 1: At first, Have a routine

There is a famous saying that if you want to break rules, at first it is your job to know rules. So if you want to break routines, you have to know the list of routines which you are doing. There is no point in breaking routines if you don’t have routines. There are few people who don’t have any set of routines and randomly follow what comes on their way. Every day would be different for them. That also helps. But not for a long term. Routines are a must and it helps. But also you should be in a position to break it to get energized.

Step 2: Figure out your pattern:

No two people can have a same set of routines. Each one is different. And that is why it is your responsibility to figure out your pattern. Make a list of task which you follow in set patterns. Ask yourself what is the pattern I follow every day. Figure it out. If required, you can ask help of your partner or friends.

Step 3: Switch things or take a break

Once you figure out your routines, you can do two things to break it or get a short pause from it.

First, switch things. If you are with your partner, then it so easy to switch things. If your partner used to wake up early, make a food for you, water the plants, etc.. and you use to wake up little late than your partner, read articles, take your pet for a walk, etc.. then shift it! For a day you wake up early, make food for your partner, water the plants, take clothes for laundry and so on and tell your partner to take your pet for a walk !! Routine make life boring, If you are with your partner, then you can simply switch things to make it more interesting.

Second, if you are single, then switching things may not be possible. So take breaks. Break doesn’t mean that you should plan for a trip. Even a small break will do. Have a chat with your school friends, go to the nearest parks and play with the kids and so on. If you are so productive person, then tell to yourself that I am going to be non-productive today and just keep on sleeping, order food from the favourite restaurant, be relax and enjoy your day. A person who is productive for five days in a week should also learn how to be non-productive for a day, which also helps him later. Being non-productive for a day also help you stay productive for the next 5 days !!

So Switch things or take a break!!

Step 4: Back to square one !!

Yes. This is most important! Make sure your break in your routine doesn’t extend so long. If so it does, then bringing back the practiced routine would be tough. So always be confident in you to come back to square one, once you get refreshed !!

Breaking routine helps. But just for the sake of breaking routines, you can’t break for a month. Duration and coming back is important

 Habit Vs Routines: 

People often confuse with habit and routines. All habits are not your routine. You need a routine to make it a habit. Charles Duhigg says in his power of habit book, anything if we could follow for 21 days, then on the 22nd day, it becomes a habit. So successive routine behavior may help you to make it as a habit.

We should all learned to differentiate it. Why so, because it takes a lot of efforts from us to nurture a habit inside us. We should not break it just for the sake of breaking the routine. Break routines, but not your habits.

Whatever I have mentioned earlier is to break routines and that has to be done for a day or max for a week. It should never extend and affect your cultivated habit.

 My story 

After making a bold decision in my life to quit my well-earned job and move to my passionate jobs as a graphic designer, I made my mind that I should be more productive, stay focused, plan my day and have routines.

I did as per my intention. I had a strict set of routines and everything goes on very smoothly. It makes me feel very comfortable to have my routines and to be honest I almost enjoyed every day. Until…

Until a particular day, where an unexpected tasks came on to my scheduled work. I was able to complete that unscheduled tasks. But the obsession of not able to follow my routine strikes my mind throughout the week. Just by one unscheduled task, my obsession kills an entire week.

This is when I realized that having a routines is good and it helps. But I should learn to take occasional breaks. In short, I should learn to break it.

So after that, I am happy for me that I have routines and I learn how to break it too. All moreover I also realized that being productive alone will not serve a purpose and that alone is not our life. There are so much to it.


All we got is one life. We should learn to make it productive. But be careful that being productive doesn’t harm your life, your relationship and so on. Learn to enjoy life. Productivity is just a small part of it.

Never make a To-do-list saying that today I will spend two hours with my partner. Never !! That is not what life is !!

Enjoy life !!