Simple Productivity Tips: To-do-board & Done-Board

How many of us have regretted later in your life that I should have spent my time more effectively earlier? It is never late to be productive. Even now you can change your life and make it more productive.

This month my blogs are going to be on Productivity. These are the simple productivity tips which I do follow every day.It help me to stay focused, stay organized and above all it gives me some sort of satisfaction towards the end of the day, which makes me happy.

So my next Productivity Tips about Pin boards. (To do Board & Done Board)

 What are these pin boards? 

We all have our life goals. Knowing the purpose of our Life is most important than any. That is what will drive us forward. To do board & done board is simple productivity exercises which can be easily adopted in your day-to-day life. It helps you to stay focus on your life goals.

  •  To-do Board: Consists of List of Task which needs to done on the particular time frame (say a month) 
  •  Done Board: Consists of tasks which is completed on the particular time frame (say a month) 

Refer below pics.

At start of the Month

At the End of the Month

I have two pin boards in my study room, one name To-do Board which tells me the task which I should accomplish on that month and other one is Done-board, which tells me what all task I have accomplished so far. I changed this once in a month.

My utmost goal in a month is to move the Sticky notes from To do board to Done board. It helps me to improve my productivity.

The extended version of these boards are called as Kanban boards, which is commonly practiced tool in most of industries.

 Step by Step Explanation: 

  • Have 2 pin boards in your study room/Work area
  • At the start of every month, list the tasks which you intended to do in this particular month. Write it in sticky notes and paste in your To-do-Board (Note: The task should be related to your Life Goals)
  • Throughout the month, try accomplishing each and every task which you intended to complete during the month. You can use Daily work management technique for your day-to-day plans
  • Once a particular task is completed, move the sticky notes from To-do-board to Done board
  • At the end of every month review yourself with the number of sticky notes in Done board.
  • At the end of the month, after reviewing or evaluating yourself with the help of the done board, remove every sticky note and start afresh plan for next month and repeat the above steps. If there are unfinished tasks at the end of the month, then let it stay on to-do board, but make your priority accordingly
  • If you wish to have your life goals displayed on this board, you can add it. Displaying your life goals will constantly remind you the purpose of your life

 In what way does it help me? 

These are  not just a pin boards. According to me, it is the one which drives me forwards toward the purpose of my life. Let us see how does this simple pin boards helps me to pursue my goals.

 Clarity:  Everyone has something to achieve in his or her life. But few achieve and few fails. It is due to lack of proper planning. This to-do-board provide me clarity of what I should do in this month. It helps me to plan my work and gives me a clarity of what I should do in this month

 Motivation:  My utmost aim in a month is to move the task from to-do board to done board. Whenever I complete a task and move a task from one board to other board, I get self-motivated. It gives me a feeling of happiness and pride. This is an internal reward for me. It always motivates me to move further.

 Constant Reminder:  If these boards are not made, then at some point in time I would have forgotten the tasks which I was supposed to do. Writing down the tasks and putting it in front of my eyes always acts as a constant reminder of what I should do in this month. Also, it helps to skip unnecessary task or the task which is not so important.

 Evaluation:   If I have planned for 10 tasks to be completed in this month and at the end of the month I have completed only 3 or 4, then that is a point where I can evaluate myself. What has affected me not to concentrate on the task, whether I was occupied in some other things, or whether I lose my focus or any other? I can reflect on myself and make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes again. This technique helps to evaluate me. And also, its helps me to correct my mistakes

 Prioritisation:  If there are unfinished tasks at the end of the month, then these are tasks which I need to give proper priority for the next month. So I use to highlight those in the To-do board and I concentrate on them. Sometimes if for a stream of two months, a particular tasks becomes unfinished tasks, then I use to evaluate myself again.Then I decide either make it a priority for upcoming month or remove it from pin boards stating that this is not relevant.

 Things I need to improve: 

Currently, I am using this boards only for my career point of view. But our life and life goals are not only for a career. It has so many angles to it. We should learn to entertain ourselves, we should value our relationships, we should take care of our health and so on.

But the problem is I never use to list down these tasks. Since I don’t list, I don’t concentrate on those areas more and at times I lose a track on me. I do a balance between personal life and work life. But at times I feel that I forget to complete the important tasks in my personal life.

So this To-do-board and done boards should have a classification of Work and personal life. And it is equally important to keep track of both. This is the one point which I am lagging now and for sure I need to improve on it.


To-do board is occupied with the tasks at the start of the month

The accomplish tasks during the month has been noted and moved from to do board to Done board

Note the circle in some of the sticky notes. This mark indicates that these are the tasks which are pending in previous month and the top priority to be given in this month

Done board

To-do Board

I used different looking sticky notes to write down my long term goals. All the sub goals are deriiative from these long term goals only


Spending an hour to list down the tasks at the start of every month, give the proper control of your life.

Knowing the purpose of life alone is not important. You should also figure out the way to achieve your life goals. And this To-do-board and done-board technique will help you to stay on the track.

You know your destination. That’s great. But it’s your duty to ensure that you don’t skid off from your track. This technique will help you to prevent it !!