Simple Productivity Tips- Reflections

How many of us have regretted later in your life that I should have spent my time more effectively earlier, or I should have not wasted my time during those days or so on?

It is never late to be productive. Even now you can change your life and make it more productive. Living your life productive gives you a sense of happiness which is something special.

This month my blogs are going to be on Productivity. These are the simple productivity tips which I do follow every day.I help me to stay focused, stay organized and above all it gives me some sort of satisfaction towards the end of the day, which makes me happy.

So, my next Productivity Tips about Reflections

 What is this? 

How do we know whether a day is good or bad? Or how do we know whether our thoughts and our work are aligned with our life purpose?

Life teaches us a lot. But how do we learn from it? Whether we learn from experience? No, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.

Reflections are nothing but a particular time towards the end of each day, where we rewind the happenings on that day, evaluate yourself, learn from mistakes and finally make yourself more confident to face tomorrow.

 Step by Step Explanation 

Refer below snapshots of my reflections questionnaire.

This below step may differ for each person. I am sharing what I do everyday top reflect myself. You can feel free to include your own process. Get the gist of the content is more important than the real content here.

  • Make a list of question which you like to ask yourself every day. Below shown is the sample list of my question
  • Fix a time slot in each for reflecting your experience on each question
  • Write it down. I use a simple excel sheet for listing down. However, there is lot many apps available. Use it for greater benefits and ease
  • Make it a habit!

 In what way does it help me? 

Helps me to stay on track even if I don’t want to:

Everyone has their own goals to make in his or her life. Making a to-do list, daily work management will help to follow our goals. Those are also a productivity tool which helps us. But reflecting yourself is the major evaluation tool which has more benefits than the above-stated tool.

I started to list down the work which I need to complete on a particular day in my diary. Some days I could complete 80% of the task and sometimes less than 20%. But each and every day before closing my laptop, I set a reminder myself to reflect my day, It helps me in evaluation why I could complete the certain task, why I couldn’t complete and so on.

Initially, I have decided to go cycling for at least 30 mins a day. I did for a week. But when days pass on, I couldn’t do it (refer snapshot below). These repeated no  has triggered me that I should do something different for my body care. Cycling doesn’t suits. I was not ok to drive or I don’t want to show me to outer world or I am not comfortable doing it. Then I decided to shift my body care from cycling to do a plank for 15 mins. These all changes I could take on me, only because of my reflections. (Refer snapshots)

Reflections Sheets Snapshot showing my questionnaire and what all I use to reflect on my sheet

Reflection sheets Snapshot showing my questionnaire. Note that I have changed few of my question from earlier snapshot based on my own reflections

I am able to understand what works for me and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t then do I have a clear statement of why it doesn’t work for me and what is the alternative solution for it. All these I am able to figure out only by reflecting on my experiences.

Reflection not only informs me whether I stay on track in my life goals but also it tells me what I should do to change myself if I couldn’t follow certain things. It helps me stay on track even if I don’t want to.

A quick summary guide

I used to list down one-liner notes about the task I did and what I learned from them. For example, if I study a new course online, I would list down the key takeaways from that course. Whatever I remember at that point, I used to type it in my notes section.

This provides a quick summary of a task which I have done in last week or last month etc.

 Things I need to improve 

I always question myself, why do I don’t use the technology properly. There are lot many apps to help us. Since I am comfortable with excel sheet, I just use for all the stuff. Say for making notes, or bill calculation and now even for questionnaire and reflection.

And for reflections, I use excel sheet for answering my questions and making notes and reflecting my day. But when I have been on a vacation or weekends, when I don’t plan my day, I don’t take some time for reflections. The main reason is due to I don’t get a trigger because my lap would be switched off.

Yes. I have in mind that end of the day, I need to reflect on myself. But somehow a trigger is needed for me to open the excel sheet and reflect back. So I set an alarm at 11 pm of each day to reflect myself. If the alarm doesn’t go on, especially during a weekend when I don’t open my laptop, I don’t reflect on myself.

To do list, daily work management can be skipped for a day or week. It is ok to not plan during vacation. But it is very much-needed to reflect our happening on the day, even on vacations. Our feelings have to note. If we are feeling so happy on that day, then reflecting that happiness also helps and motivate us later.

But I skip reflection due to no trigger point. i.e. alarm. This can be simply avoided if I skip using an excel sheet and moved to apps, where it can pop me up notifications and helps me improve much better. But I don’t and that is where I need to improve.

I should learn to correct myself to use technology and make my life more simple.


It is not necessary that you should use technology for it. Even journalism, maintaining your own personal diary is also a way to reflect yourself. The only thing which matter is we should stick to it. So for sticking to it constant trigger is required, for which an app can help us.

We learn not from our experiences. But from reflecting on our experiences. So, reflections is a powerful productivity tool for any ages.