Sometimes smallest things take more room in your heart!

What does the first thing come to your mind when someone asks you to list down your favorite memories?

Is it vacation which you enjoyed with your family?

Or is it the moment when you receive your first medal in school?

Or is it your kid first day in school?

The above list can be one of your memories. But is these memories are your favorites? Does it take more room in your heart?

It may or May not be.

The most favorite moments are the one which brings a small smile on your face whenever you think of them. In life, it is those little things that are so meaningful to us and become our favorite memories.

Let me narrate a few of my life incidences where I feel little things are more precious things in my life.

Memories 1: Giant wheel:

I’m from a town called Tuticorin, located in southernmost of Tamilnadu. Each year, Feb 5th, there was a festival for a week in my native called Lady of Snow Festival. I was around 10 years old and I do get excited whenever that festival happens. Each year my father used to take me to that festival and we use to go to a giant wheel.

I can still remember that moment when I and my father sitting on one chair in the giant wheel. The chair slowly goes up and when we reach the topmost point the view which we get from above is something still I can visualize in my memory.

I have been to so many other amusement parks and enjoyed a much bigger and better ride than this giant wheel. But the moment which I enjoyed in this giant wheel when I was young is something which stays in my heart always.

Memories 2: Family Dinner:

During my childhood, most of the days, we use to sit on the dining table and have our dinner. But occasionally we use to have dinner at the rooftop of our house. We use to have a Stove which functions on kerosene. We carry these stoves along with Chapati flour, kurma & salads and go to the rooftop. My mom & dad use to make chapati in that stove and I and my sister use to eat it. We will have chat, we will fight, we will see the moon, we will count the stars… goes on…

Those family dinners are some of my favorite memories. I have been to so many other rooftop restaurants where there flashy lights, music at some corner with a wide variety of foods. But still, that smallest moment which we had with the small stove in my home rooftops stays in my heart forever.

Memories 3: Painting on the road

During my college days, a day before our college annual fest we use to decorate our campus. During my first year, it almost half-past 11 pm where our seniors were asking us for help in decorating our college campus. With some hesitation and fear, we went and enjoyed to the core. We painted the roads, hang around the decorative elements in between trees. We were doing a hardcore physical work like lifting some heavy objects. But we never feel that work. We work for a full night and we go to sleep only at next day morning at 6 am. But not a single moment we feel that tiredness.

These little moments are the few of the best moments in my college. Whenever I think of best memories in my college life, these days of painting the road take more room in my heart.

There are so many other little things which shaped my life.

Why and how to enjoy little things?

When time goes on, when we become more matured person, we blame ourself that now we are a man and no more a kid to enjoy little things. We fail to understand why enjoy little things is important in our life.

So, why enjoy little things? And above all, whether it is possible now in this fast-moving world to enjoy these little things?

Of course, Yes. It is possible. It just takes a second to enjoy little things in our life. Below are few ways to enjoy little things….

Hide & Seek with your kid

If your kid calls you to play for hiding and seek, just go ahead and play with him. It could just take a few minutes. But those few minutes will be remembered by him during his/her entire lifetime.

Walk with your wife

Just a few minutes of walk with your wife every day will make your bonding closer than ever. You get to understand a lot of things about each other. These few moments are precious one and these cannot be retrieved back.

Look back your old photograph

Looking into your old photograph bring you lot many memories to you. Enjoying old photograph is the very smallest things which can be done at any point in time. But its value is so huge which can’t be explained in words

Cook anything

Cook something which you wish too. No matter how the dish turned out. The moment you make in cooking those dish is important which will be remembered throughout your lifetime.


Enjoying simple expressions of your partner or your kid is more valuable than anything in this world.


Enjoy nature. Enjoy the rain. Enjoy summer… You can go for a bike ride or you can go for a trek or you can go to a nearby park and sit calmly and enjoy the children playing over there.

And the list goes on.. It’s upto you to figure out what are the little things around you and start enjoying it.


There are so many more ways to enjoy little things in our day to day life. Marriages, Wedding anniversary, Your kid first birthday, Your vacations all these are also some of the moment to be remembered. But that doesn’t mean that you have to skip the little things in your day to day life and wait for the biggest moment to happen. Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things.

Happiness is present in the little things and those little things make more room in your heart.

And always remember,

Sometimes smallest things take more room in your heart….