Swami Vivekananda – An inspiration

We become better person day by day because we learned by seeking inspiration from the world. The world has so many good people. But there are very few people whom we think of as an inspiring person. This month my talks are about the person who has inspired me the most in my life.

Before starting this series, let me make a point very clear that my parents and my friends are not included in this list. That doesn’t mean that they are not inspiring. They are my life and I am not the person whom I am now, without them. But I don’t want to classify them into this small bucket of the inspirational person.

First and foremost important inspirational person in my list Swami Vivekananda.

I have a poster with Swami Vivekananda photo with this above quotes pasted in my room. I roughly remember I got this poster somewhere around by 8th grade (2006). Almost a decade has passed, still this poster is present in my room. Even the words written on this poster has faded off in these couples of years, but the quotes stay in my heart forever !!

How do I come to know about him?

For any person to become inspirational, at first there should be a special moment by which we came to know about them. Our teacher would have spoken about him or our parents would have spoken or sometimes our friends.

I came to know about Swami Vivekananda from my teachers. During my school days, every year we use to have a camp for a week. It was conducted by Ramakrishna mission, where the tutors use to teach us yoga, meditation and  share some inspiring stories. Last day of the camp, we were asked to make a small skit on a particular story.

Like everyone I too had a stage fear when I was a kid. If I was asked to act in this skid, I would go and stand like a statue or like a tree, so that I don’t need to utter any dialogues. But later on, that fear goes away by the motivational words from the tutors. Directly or indirectly Swami Vivekananda is first source for making me a confident person.

This camp has thought me who is Vivekananda and what made him different for others. The life story of Vivekananda or his famous speeches, which tutors use to share me in those earlier days has made me inspire him.

Why an inspiration?

When everyone started their speech with Ladies and gentleman, Swami Vivekananda started with Sisters and Brothers of America. The claps of the audience go on more than a minute. And even till date whole world remember Swami Vivekananda as inspiration not just because he is a monk who preaches Hinduism, but because he is a normal person who tells us what should we do in our life. He is the first person to motivate us to have a purpose of our Life. His words, his works, his care and affection for the people and society, his brilliance is what made him great and that is why he stills an inspiration.

He is an inspiration for many people, students, youths and many great leaders in this world. And I am one among them. Everyone has their own reason why Swamiji is an inspiration. Now there is countless motivational guru all over the world. But personally I feel that the pioneer to all is him.

I like Abdul Kalam. He his also an inspiring person in my life. But the great APJ Abdul Kalam also got motivated from Swami Vivekananda, which is the greatest thing to be noted. We have heard many times Dr.Kalam speak about Swami Vivekananda. It is a precious moment where one of the greatest person in the world speaks about the other greatest person. (Video Link : Dr.Kalam about Swami Vivekananda)

The beautiful message from the speech is that we have encounter lot many persons in this world to take credit of the work which they have not involved. Even if we do something small in this world, each and everyone is fighting to include their name into it. But what Vivekananda talks is what differentiate him from normal person to a great leaders. This is why he is an inspirational person.

And the the way Dr. Kalam utter his words is more precious than any other thing in this world. A Huge Respect to you sir !

Close to my Heart

Swami Vivekananda is an inspiration. He has preached a lot to this world with his beautiful quotes. But there are few which stand so close to my Heart.

According to him, the 3 Golden Rules of Life is

These words are most touching for me and I am trying hard to follow myself every day.

He has preached Hinduism and has taken this religion to all over the world. But that is not what made me inspire him. His talks about life and it is the purpose, about uplifting women life is what made me to really inspire him. There where days when women were not allowed in schools and pushed into marriage at a young age, sometimes even when they attain puberty. Swami Vivekananda strike in all possible to way to educate women and preach equality across genders. This shows the care for Humanity and equality.

Above all, he is the first person to tell all of us to Believe in yourself. His exact words,


No one is born in this world to do bad. Everyone is born as a good person. It is the situation and surroundings which make them follow a wrong route and live a wrong life.

But in case if a person who is following a wrong route, if he comes across any of stories of Swami Vivekananda, then definitely he would be a better person to this world.

How much ever decades passes, the traces of Swami Vivekananda will always remain in our heart and he is truly an inspiration to all the soul on this world.

Thanks for helping me know about you and write about you. I am feeling blessed.