Life Changing Books: The life-changing magic of tidying up

Every book doesn’t impact our Life. Very few books do and those few books are very special to us. This month I am going to speak about the books which has changed my life.

Good thoughts need to shared — This is the main purpose of beingkarthik and this blog series. Also, I would like to give an insights about these books and share my experience, which may impact someone’s life.

Book Name: The Life changing Magic of Tidying up
Author: Marie Kondo
Genre: Lifestyle and Productivity

 Why this book? 

  • Is your home messed up with things here and there?
  • Have you ever feel that, how much ever  you cleaned my house, it becomes clutter again in minutes?
  • You want to keep you home tidy, but couldn’t figure out the ways to do it?

If you are the person in above group, then this book is definitely for you.

A clean and tidy home offer good vibes. A good vibes makes us healthy and happy. And I am sure that this book will not end up in telling you how to put things on place but also it will make your life better!

 What’s best? 

It is very difficult for me to explain, whats best here. The way this book was scripted, designed, the concept behind it, the writing–everything is best. But let me try to share some of my thoughts which stood apart in this book.

 Step by Step approach:  The step by step approach narrated in this book, tells us where to start, how to start, and why we should do tidying. Marie narrates her approach by guiding us to commit ourself for tidying, then start discard items, then do tidying by order. In tidying up order she insists us to start with clothing, then books, then papers, then Komono (Miscellaneous items), then sentimental items (like gifts, mementos, papers etc) , then utilities and so on. This approach makes us feel that decluttering is so easy.

 Spark Joy:  If there is one term, we need to remember from this book, then it would be Spark joy. Discarding any items in our home is not an easy task. But Marie gave us an excellent solution to this by telling us to pick up every items in our hand and ask ourself, Does it spark Joy? , if it does keep it, else dispose it ! I have started using this technique not only while discarding some items in my home, but also while buying any new items. It really works and helps. Love is a both side communication. It not only applies for relationship with people. But also for relationship with our possession. This spark joys technique make you fall in love towards all possession in your home.

 Highlighted points:  Anything and everything cannot be highlighted. If an author is highlighting particular sentence or word, then there is an utmost importance to it. And it was perfectly done in this book. Highlighted point stood out from normal body copy. In case I need to do a recap of this book, I can simply read the highlighted points alone. If you are person, who has no patience to read the book, then reading these highlighted points alone will serve the purpose.

 Konmari Method:   My post would be incomplete if didn’t talk about this method. The philosophy of konmari method is simple.

1. Commit yourself for tidying up
2. Imagine your Ideal Life
3. Finish Letting go first
4. Tidy by category, not location
5. Follow the right order
6. Ask yourself if it spark joy

I would say like the way we learnt maths, physics, chemistry and so on, we should also learnt and teach Konmari method right from school. We should take it to our kids and make next generation more organised and more happy person. Before that I would definitely teach my kids this method.

 My story 

This book is very special to me, because for one reason. i.e. It just felt like my mom has written this book.

My friend introduces this book to me telling that, if you want to read one book in your lifetime, then it is this book. So, on next day I bought this book.

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me to put the things on place. Marie also tells the same thing. Every chapter there is some connection with Marie words and my Mom words.

In this book, Marie tells the way to fold shirts. But right from day, when I use to fold my shirts, I used to do the same method which was illustrated, because my mom used to do the same way. Marie tells never tie up socks and make up like ball to save space. She tells to fold socks horizontally and pile up one above the other. This is what I used to do right from my childhood.

Not just one or two concepts. So many concepts get in tune with my Mom’s words. Even now if I throw my slippers and rush into my home, or throw my helmet on sofa and start doing other work, my mom use to tell me that each product has its own life. Respect that and obey that. The way you love your things, the things will love you back. This same concept was told in much polished way by Marie, telling that Does this items spark joy. Spark joy is the beautiful concept. Even after reading these words occasionally I used to throw my wallet in sofa or some times handle objects roughly. But if I do that, I took some time to ask sorry for my actions to the things. And Yes, I started speaking to my things and my possession.

I love my house ,all my stuffs and each object in my house. And I feel they too love me back ! This book made me feel that relationship with things is the deciding factor for life of things. We might have heard from grandfather saying that this clock was running for almost 50+ years without any problem. On the other side, even if we by an expensive watch from any shop now, it just stop functioning in couple of months. The reason is same. The Amount of love we expressed on the product, the same amount of love they will return us back !!

I have made my Mom to read this book. And to my surprise, she read in two days. My mom never use to read any English books. But this book, she read in two days is the first shock for me and she also has felt that most of the concepts align with her work. She also has told that some point she needs to correct it. I am so happy for buying this book. And this is one book, which my mom ask me to buy her and she told she will keep in her shelf and use it often.

Like my mom, This book always has a permanent place in my book shelf !


The first step in making a nation clean start with us! If we all decide to keep our belonging and our surroundings tidy, then that would be the best part to keep our nation clean and tidy.

But now tidying has become a point to stress upon. Every time when I see a billboards stating that Throw waste on the dustbin, Don’t split outside–makes me sad. Tidying should be part our blood. As per me, the first step to teach our kids is Tidying. But again,it doesn’t stop only by teaching, we also need to make sure that they practice it. This life-changing magic of tidying up will definitely make tidying a part of our blood.

Finally let me close by one of my favourite pull quote from this book.

” Letting go is more important than adding…

(The beauty of this pull quote is , it applies not only for decluttering, but also for our Life)

I can also say now, If there is one book, if you want to read in your life, read this book ! Thanks Marie kondo for a masterpiece.!!.