Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam – An Inspiration

“I am sorry that you have to stand for so long because of me…

These are the words which Dr. Kalam told to his security guard for making him stand for a long time on his trip to IIM Shillong. Dr. Kalam = Humanity. Our Country gave him many names like “Missile man“, “People president” and so on. But the right name for him would be “A Real Human”

Why “A Real Human” ?

Because real human is one who…

… care for all creatures in this world

“ If we do that, the birds would not be able to perch on the wall…These are the words of Dr. Kalam when he rejected the idea to put broken glass for safety purpose on the compound of DRDO building.

…give sweet and shocking surprise

One day, one of his co-workers had taken permission from Dr. Kalam to leave early from work as he had to take his kids to the carnival. But for some reason, he could not get free on time. When he reached home later in the night, his wife told him that Dr. Kalam had visited their house earlier that evening and had taken the kids to the carnival.

…like to have a simple life

As a president, when Dr.Kalam moved to Rashtrapati Bhavan, he was given a big suite room. But he moved to a small room where he kept his bed. He used the same room to work and sleep. Not only this, but the humble man also kept his dining room locked and often had his meals on the floor with the staff who worked with him.

When his presidential period came to an end, Mr. Kalam walked out with assets which include just two suitcases.

…know the values of life

Once a reporter asked Dr. Kalam, what is birthday according to you. And his reply is,

Is there any better definition we need for birthday? These words show the respect, care and affection which he have towards his mother and all women in this society.

…loves to spread knowledge till last breath of his life

“ Going to Shillong.. to take a course on Liveable planet earth at IIM…This is the last tweet which was posted by Dr.Kalam.

Dr. Kalam as himself is huge knowledge resource. He is the only president to write multiple numbers of books. He never keeps up his knowledge only to himself. Till his last breath, he was addressing the students of IIM Shillong…

…believes that the future is in hand of Youth

During my school days, my teacher taught me that US, UK, Japan all these countries are developed countries. India is a developing country.. and the few others are under developed countries. This was taught to me at class 5, (roughly around the year 2000). More than a decade has passed and India is still a developing country.

But at least somewhere in our bottom of the heart, we are confident that India would become a developed country by 2020. That seed of thought has been laid in our mind only by of Dr. Kalam. He believes that the future of India is in Youth. And he did all possible way to educate them, guide them, motivate them and inspire them. He uses any opportunity that came to him to discuss students, especially school children.

Also, he is the first person to ask students to consider a career in politics

….never enjoy privileges which do not belong to him

Once Dr. Kalam family visited Delhi. They traveled in sleeper coach from Madurai and officials arranged a government bus to pick them from the railway station. They had a 3 day trip to Delhi. Once the trip got over, Dr. Kalam requested his Chief accounts officer to prepare the bill for his family visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan and he paid it…

Senior Scientist Mr. V Ponraj stated that Dr. Kalam is entitled to many privileges, but he hardly enjoyed any…

…leave so much for an upcoming generation

A few of his words…

These are not just words or quotes. Each one conveys a lot of meanings. It is very difficult to create a burning fire inside us when we see certain quotes. And no doubt, Dr. Kalam words has always created a burning fire inside everyone.

And finally the best of all…

We, Indians can proudly ask any of other countries to show one person like Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. Probably they can’t. Because there is no such Real Human available in any other country. He is the only one and irreplaceable. Not any single person in this universe in past, in present or in future can match Dr. Kalam.

My respect for him… 

My respect for him can be interpreted by the answer which I wrote in quora for a most irritating question which I have seen so far. I never broke out my anger so easily. Especially in social media, I am more conscious. But a this question in quora has boasted my anger. And as a result, I decided to write a harsh reply and I will never regret being harsh…

(Quora Link : https://www.quora.com/Do-you-think-that-Dr-A-P-J-Abdul-Kalam-is-slightly-overrated-in-India)

Do you think Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is slightly overrated in India?

My reply

No way!

There are very few questions which will spark our anger immediately and one such question will be this one. Now I am able to independently take some decision in my life, I can dream how my life should be and I am confident enough to survive. But who gave me enough confidence? Maybe my friends? Maybe my Parents? Or Maybe my Teachers/Professors? But above all, I can say everything started with this one greatest person Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Grown up watching his quotes..

These are the quotes which were placed in my School office near the entrance. Almost all of my school days pass with me looking on this quotes. This poster is what shaped me and my thoughts

My First precious gift & First sketch..

During school days, there used to be a lot much competition and most of the prizes for the competition would be a tiffin box or any medals. But one prize which I valued the most and it is still with me is the WINGS OF FIRE book. Also, the first person whom I remember I sketching is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

My first role model…

Apart from my friend’s photo, there is one photo with a quote I placed in my home mirror. That is Swami Vivekananda and the quotes are “Take up your idea, devote yourself in it, Struggle for it in patience, One day Sun will rise for you !”. And we all know Dr. Kalam is a huge follower of him. And Swami Vivekananda is my first role model because of Dr.Kalam…

My first proud moment…

I studied in MIT, Anna University, which I should be very proud of it. Just because it was the university which Dr. Kalam Studied. Someday in 2010, there was a passionate young junior (not sure about his name), who has scored State 1st in High schools board exam and he has chosen Aeronautical Engineering in MIT, Anna University. The reason he chooses this college is just for one solid reason which is, he need to study the same department where Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam studied and he wanted to sit in the same desk which Dr. Kalam did. And for their Batch inauguration, Dr. Kalam visited our college. And that is the memorable moment in my life ever.

These are my own personal experiences which are closely related to Dr. Kalam. The Future of India is with Youth, Students and no one except Dr. Kalam did to educate them, motivate them, guide them in the right way. And even till is the last heartbeat he was delivering a speech to Students. And finally, Do you feel overrated just because till his last beats, he has dedicated his life for Students?

I can never tolerate with anyone if they attempt to speak anything wrong about Dr. Kalam. The man who gave me confidence, who was giving me confidence and who will give confidence would be always Dr. Kalam. No matter whatever anyone say about him, he has impact my life and I am sure I am one among many.


A good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates, but a great teacher inspires. Our country has produced many great leaders, great players, great singers etc…But our country has only one great teacher i.e. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. His teaching will be there to inspire all of us always.

I feel really blessed that I have met you at least once in my life. 

A Salute to you sir !!

Image source: dearkalamsir.org (Thanks)

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