Robin Sharma – An Inspiration


When adversity knocks your door how do you respond?

Adversity comes to you by surprise. You are not ready for them. It comes and washes away your life completely. So what can you do to get away from this situations?

You want someone to share your feelings?

But what happens that if adversity get transformed to them and you end up consoling their feelings rather your’s ?

In order to deal with this situations you figured out a solution, you tried, it worked and from that day onwards the person who helped you figure out the solution is an inspiration.

So, what is the solution?

The solution is to Talk to yourself and try to deal inside your mind space.

…and who is the person?

Robin Sharma helps any person in this world to think, act, react and live a happy life, just with his words.

And I am one of the people who is impressed and inspired with this man just by one book called Monk who sold his Ferrari. I never thought a person whom I am never heard of for 24 years of my age can become an inspiration for me in a couple of minutes.

Why an Inspiration?

Because of these 3 qualities

  • Thoughts
  • Marketing strategy
  • Passion


Many of his thoughts are aligned towards self-mastery. I realized that anyone could be happy if you could learn to master yourself in making yourself happy. The positivity or negativity is decided by me and my thoughts and not by my surroundings. This is what me to inspire him.

Inspiration may come from the way they live, thoughts which they say, or by their character.Robin Sharma is the inspiration for me by his thoughts. All his book has something which I can learn, which I can follow and enhance my lifestyle.

His thoughts & vision are what converted into words which we see in his book.

I have read two of his books. The monk who sold his Ferrari and Who will cry when you die. The best part of these books are that at any point, you can open any part of the page, read any sentence, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. The prime reason for this to happen start from Robin Sharma thoughts. His clarity of thoughts, the way he expressed in his words is truly amazing. Also, I always found that there is thin story associated with this book, which grab the reader insights and get us to dive inside his book.

Robin Sharma is one person who helped me from mental loneliness. Earlier, physically I was surrounded by many people, but still, I felt lonely. But now physically I was lonely, but mentally I never felt it. Occasionally I feel, but in one or other way Sharma thoughts make me to reboot myself and feel happy.

Marketing Strategy

One of the big reason Robin Sharma’s book turning out to be a best seller because of his book name. He brings out a new dimension in Self-help book by creating a new age of naming his book.

For example, The Monk who sold his Ferrari. Just look into this topic. It itself tells a story, It also creates a wow element and sparks many questions in our memory. What does a monk need to sold is Ferrari? What made him do? So many such questions. So ultimately one has to buy his book to get the answer.

Another example, Who will cry when you die. This book is nothing but 101 tips to enhance your daily life. It has 101 chapters and each speak about one useful tips to enhance our life. If it me, I would have named like 101 tips to boost your life. But why does one need to buy 101 tips book? There are so many blogs speaks about it. Why does one need to invest in a book? But just look into the name Who will cry when you die. Does this topic excite you? Does this not create a millions of questions in your mind?

Right from his first book until his upcoming book “ The 5 Am club”, Robin Sharma never fails to make us excite with his book name. I say that Robin Sharma has a creative mind. But I feel that this is just not a matter of creativity. There is inbound hidden marketing strategy to grab the readers. This really impress and inspire me a lot.

When I decided to write and publish a book, at first my book topic was 10 things to follow. But later I thoughts why not adopt a simple marketing strategy for naming a book? And then finally I named as ” Get the grip on your life“. This day I show my book name, there is some sensation created among my friends and family members and it itself excited them to buy my book.


One cannot talk about passion if he his not passionate about it.

Just for the sake of writing, we can say that practice early awakening. But the trust and loyalty of the words will not be reflected if he is not doing this in his daily life.

If a person has to say picture your ideal neighbourhood, then Robin Sharma himself at first picture the ideal neighbourhood for him and then only he can write.

Robin Sharma is so passionate about what he does. No one can love the job than him. I always wonder how come a person writes something so intense which immediately motivate us. To be honest, I have read Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”. But somehow I didn’t feel the connect which The monk who sold his Ferrari gives me. There is nothing to blame with Paulo Coelho or his book. But the passion which Robin Sharma has reflected via his thoughts on his book his not so much conveyed with The Alchemist.

Not only with the book, even if I came to watch any of Robin Sharma video on YouTube, but it also delights me.

His passion is what drives him forward. It helps his life and others.


What else is needed in this world than listening to Robin Sharma uplifting words?

The world may name him as a motivational guru or leader of this decade. But for me, he his just my brother who can guide me to understand the purpose of life.

My life changes after one question which Robin Sharma ask via his Monk who sold his Ferrari book. Which is…

And I know it changes the lives of many and I am one among them. We all are proud to live in the era of Robin Sharma. Thanks