Why Should you Vote?

I read two news articles today. One made me happy and others made me angry.

At first, the happier one was “ 98% of Tamilnadu’s youth is keen to vote”. As on today, we are the number one country to have large number of younger generation. The interest which youth has on the election is something remarkable. If in a family the younger generation is keen to cast their vote, then ultimately those interest will be automatically transformed to the entire family. There is so many reasons for the younger generation to get the interest towards voting, Many celebrities have begun to speak about the importance of voting. 2 out 4 movies speak or stress upon the importance of voting and there are also lot many troll and memes which made younger generation pull into the voting. So, it is natural that youth are keen to vote.

The second news which made me angry was Telangana saw just 60% Turnout in this elections. 2014 election the turnout was around 69.2%. Even after so many awareness the voting turnout which was 60%. This shows that we all are good at speaking great about things. But when it comes to execution it is just zero. To all those 40% who didn’t cast their vote, just a single question for them. What is the one thing which you had on the full day apart from voting?

This news made me look bit deeper into past few year voting turnouts. And I was completely shocked. In 2014, All India voting turnout percentage is just 66.4% and in 2009 it was 58.2%… It means nearly 510 million peoples don’t have a minute to think of the country and cast their vote. (Total Indian population in 2014 is approximately 1.29 billion people)

Turn out of People In Lok Sabha Elections

So that is why awareness about the importance of casting vote is required. This blog is a step to spread awareness to all viewers about the importance of casting a vote. It could hardly take 15 minutes to cast a vote. But most of don’t do it.

So, why should you vote?

Because it is your Responsibility:

The importance which we give for our education, health, personal care, culture and family, the same importance should be given for political system also. It may be corrupt. But just for that sake, we should never lose our sole responsibility to vote.

If you are not able to be responsible for your country to cast your vote, then how you responsible for your family & friends?

We are a democratic nation and not any single excuses can justify your statement for not casting your vote. It is your responsibility

Because it Matters:

Every single vote matters.

You may still question us what is that one change which can happen just because you didn’t cast your vote. However, the balance tilts when this becomes a national attitude could be crores—of votes are not cast.

So if you are not casting vote, it just not you. It is a kind of ripple effect. It gets transferred to your family and friends and in the end, many votes are not being cast.

Because you can be a medium for change:

In India, it has become a habit that every 5 years that ruling and opposition party flip over their win. It is never a third man show. It is always a rival between INC & BJP. We may be tired to see this happening year after year. Even 2019 is the year for these two rivals only. But one-day things can change and you can be one of the media for a change.

If you think that the ruling government is not performing its duties satisfactorily, they can show it the door by voting against it. Refraining from doing so can result in the same party, or a worse one, being elected for the next five years.

Because we love and respect our country

Many great leaders have lost their lives for our freedom. Just think for a minute what would have happened if we are still ruled by British and they treated us like slaves. How much pain and loss of freedom fighters have encountered for getting our freedom. This freedom made India a democratic country and we have a right to vote. So, it is our duty to respect our great leaders and cast our vote.

Just by cheering for India team in any sports or saluting for our national flag doesn’t mean that you give respect for your country. Cast your vote and that is the real respect and love you can give for your country.

So, why should you vote?


  1. It is your responsibility
  2. It matters
  3. You can be a medium for a change
  4. We all love and respect our country

Before concluding let me ask you all a small favor. Casting your vote is most important. But also it is equally important to whom you cast your vote. Just take out 5 minutes of your time, understand your constituency, the candidates standing in your area, the party past good and bad… and then cast your vote to whomever you think would be the best.

This is our 17th Lok Sabha election. It is again a clash between INC & BJP. From 1984 to till date, it is always a clash between either of two and no third party has ever tried to change it. Same goes for the 2019 election also.

Remember your country fate is in your hands. Give your vote to the proper deserving person.

Please vote. It’s now or never!